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Daniel Phillips

Daniel Phillips
Associate Professor, Director of Access Technologies

Phone: 585-475-2309
Office: SLA/2375

Dr. Daniel Phillips received his BS in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Rochester. He has done additional graduate study in biomedical engineering and physiology. Dr. Phillips has been employed in clinical, industrial and research environments with a focus on biomedical instrumentation and signal processing, especially as related to the development of diagnostic, rehabilitative and assistive devices.  His work over the last 30 years has included fundamental electrophysiology research, systems engineering in clinical environments and application engineering for embedded systems.  Those efforts have been carried out in a wide variety of surroundings that have included laboratory settings (Electrophysiology/Neurobiology at SUNY/Buffalo, Diagnostic Ultrasound at the University of Rochester, Echocardiography at the Strong Memorial Hospital), hospital environments (Anesthesiology at Yale, Clinical Engineering at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford) and industrial positions (IBM/FSD, Sierra Research, Fluke Instruments, Summation and Hewlett Packard).

In 2000, he was accepted into a tenure track teaching position in the Electrical Engineering Department at the RIT where he received tenure and a promotion to Associate Professor in 2006.  He is a principal faculty member associated with the establishment of the Biomedical Option in Electrical Engineering at the RIT and was the primary author of the new Biomedical Engineering Bachelor of Science program.  He served as the Chair of the Rochester Section of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society from 2002-2008 and has been a member of that organization for over 30 years.  He has advised a number of EE and CE masters degree students on biomedical related thesis and project topics.  He has been closely involved with the development of the Multidisciplinary Senior Design program in the Kate Gleason College of Engineering including advising and sponsoring of a large number of student teams.

Research Areas

Dr. Daniel Phillips has a number of collaborative relationships with faculty members in a number of departments and colleges at RIT as well as with faculty clinicians at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry and the Rochester General Hospital in areas that include cardiology, vascular surgery and neurology with projects associated with incorporation of technology in health care delivery. This has included multidisciplinary student projects involving the design of automated medication dispensers, intelligent power outlets and hemodynamic flow systems to enable the testing of prosthetic cardiac replacement valves. His main research areas are: development of assistive devices and systems for individuals with disabilities; signal processing and analysis of large, complex biomedical data sets; and clinical applications of ultrasound in cardiovascular diagnosis and treatment.

Recent Publications 

  • Antos, L., Emord, P., Luquette, B., McGee, B., Nguyen, D., Phipps, A., Phillips, D.B., Helguera, M. (2010) “A 3D Fluorescence Imaging System Incorporating Structured Illumination Technology, SPIE BiOS 2010, Proceedings Vol. 7556, Design and Quality for Biomedical Technologies III, Ramesh Raghavachari; Rongguang Liang, Editors, 75560L, 23 February 2010.
  • Phillips, D.B. and Schwarz, K.Q., (2010) Engaging A Clinical Professional to Enhance Multidisciplinary Senior Design Project Outcomes and Foster Ongoing Research Opportunities, ASEE St. Lawrence Section Meeting, Rochester Institute of Technology, March 27, 2010.
  • Phillips, D.B., Palmer, H.J.,  Amuso, V.J. and Weinstein, S.J. (2010) A Bachelor of Science program that considers Biomedical Engineering as a core engineering discipline. ASEE St. Lawrence Section Meeting, Rochester Institute of Technology, March 27, 2010.
  • Marshall, M., DeBartolo, E., and Phillips, D.B. (2009). Incorporating human factors into a capstone senior design program to benefit individuals with disabilities, Proceedings of the 2009 Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 53rd Annual Meeting, 464-468.
  • Hu, F., Hao, Q., Qiu, M., Wu, Y., Frye, J., Pontillo, D. F., Finamore, J., Bhutani, A., McGarvey, Z., and Phillips, D.B. (2009). Low-power electroencephalography sensing data RF transmission: hardware architecture and test. In Proceedings of the 1st ACM international Workshop on Medical-Grade Wireless Networks (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, May 18 - 18, 2009).
  • Antos, L.,  Heneka, P.,  Luquette, B., McGee, B., Nguyen,D., Phipps, A.,  Phillips, D.B. and Helguera, M. (2009) Development of a novel 3-D optical molecular system incorporating structured illumination technology, Western New York Image Processing Workshop Friday, September 25, 2009
  • Phillips, D.B., (2009) Proposal for establishment of a Bachelor of Science degree program in Biomedical Engineering, Submitted to the New York State Department of Education March 2009, approved September 2009.
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