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Denis Cormier

Denis Cormier
Earl W. Brinkman Professor, AMPrint Center Director

Phone: 585-475-2713
Office: INS/4125

Professor Cormier received his B.S. in Systems Engineering from the  University of Pennsylvania his M.S. in Industrial Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo and his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University.  He is the Earl W. Brinkman Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Rochester Institute of Technology. His teaching and research interests focus on additive manufacturing and direct-write printing technologies for the synthesis of novel materials and geometric structures. Prior to joining RIT in 2009, he was a faculty member at North Carolina State University for 13 years. He is a founding member of ASTM’s F-42 additive manufacturing standards group, and he also serves on the Society of Manufacturing Engineer’s RTAM steering committee. He received SME’s Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineering award in 2003.

AMPrint Center

To see more about Professor Cormier, please go to his website.

Selected Recent Publications

Yang, L. Harrysson, O., West, H., and Cormier, D., (2012) “Modeling of uniaxial compression in a 3D periodic re-entrant lattice structure”, Journal of Materials Science, DOI: 10.1007/s10853-012-6892-2.

Yang, L., Cormier, D., West, H., Harrysson, O., and, Knowlson, K. (2012) “Non-Stochastic Ti-6Al-4V Foam Structures With Negative Poisson’s Ratio”, Materials Science and Engineering A, pp. 579-585,

Kumar, V., Cormier, D., and Harrysson, O. (2012) “Electrical Conductivity of Hexagonal Periodic Lattice Structures”, Virtual & Physical Prototyping, 7(1), pp. 81-90.

Yang, L. Harrysson, O., West, H., and Cormier, D., (2012) “Compressive properties of Ti-6Al-4V auxetic mesh structures made by Electron Beam Melting”, Acta Materialia, V60, pp. 3370-3379.

Srisawadi, S., Cormier, D., Harrysson, O., and Modak, S. (2012) “Computational Design of Electrode Networks for Preferentially Aligned Short Fiber Composite Component Fabrication via Dielectrophoresis”, International Journal of CAD/CAM, 12(1).


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