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Yasemin Dilsad Yilmazel

Yasemin Dilsad Yilmazel
Assistant Professor

Phone: 585-475-5207
Office: INS/2103

Dr. Yasemin Dilsad Yilmazel received her B.S. degree with a double major in Environmental and Chemical Engineering from the Middle East Technical University (METU) in Turkey. She received her M.S. in Environmental Engineering from METU while a visiting researcher at the University of Stuttgart in Germany. There, her research focused on nutrient recovery and value added product formation from waste materials and residues of biogas plants. In 2014, Dr. Yilmazel received her Ph.D. in Engineering from Villanova University on the topic of hyperthermophilic biohydrogen production from fermentation of renewable feedstocks such as wastewater biosolids and plant biomass. Dr. Yilmazel then joined the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the Pennsylvania State University as a postdoctoral researcher where she researched microbial electrochemical technologies. In August 2016, Dr. Yilmazel joined RIT as an Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering.

Dr. Yilmazel’s research interests are environmental microbiology, microbial electrochemical technologies, wastewater engineering and bioenergy/biofuel production. Her research focuses on the development of efficient biological and bioelectrochemical processes to recover energy, nutrients and high-value commodity chemicals from wastes and other renewable resources. Current interests include the utilization of hyperthermophilic microorganisms in bioelectrochemical systems and the conversion of carbon dioxide to methane in microbial electrolysis cells i.e. electromethanogenesis.

Recent Publications

LaBarge N., Yilmazel Y.D., Hong P. and Logan B.E., (2016) “Effect of pre-acclimation of granular activated carbon on microbial electrolysis cell startup and performance” Bioelectrochemistry [in press].

Yilmazel Y.D., Johnston D., and Duran M., (2015) “Hyperthermophilic hydrogen production from wastewater biosolids by Caldicellulosiruptor bescii” International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 40, 12177–12186.

Yilmaz V., Yilmaz-Ince E., Yilmazel Y.D. and Duran M., (2014). “Is aceticlastic methanogen composition in full-scale anaerobic processes related to acetate utilization capacity?” Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 98 (11), 5217- 5226.

Yilmazel Y.D. and Demirer G.N., (2013). “Nitrogen and phosphorus recovery from anaerobic co-digestion residues of poultry manure and maize silage via struvite precipitation”. Waste Management & Research, 31 (8), 792–804.

Alanya S., Yilmazel Y.D., Park C., Willis J.L., Keaney J., Kohl P.M., Hunt J.A., and Duran M., (2013). “Anaerobic Co-digestion of Sewage Sludge and Primary Clarifier Skimmings for Increased Biogas Production”. Water Science and Technology, 67(1), 174-179.

Yilmazel Y.D. and Demirer G.N., (2011). “Removal and recovery of nutrients from anaerobic digestion residues of poultry manure as struvite”. Environmental Technology, 32, 783-792.


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