Subject Areas

Religion, Culture and Policy Initiative

Led by Professor Owen Gottlieb, the MAGIC Center Initiative cultivates new research and design, focused on games, religious literacy, the acquisition of cultural practices, and the implications for policy.

How can game systems and interactive media provide insight into religious studies, learning, and cultural production? And how can the study of religion and culture illuminate game design and the learning sciences? How might discoveries gained in the pursuit of these questions help to promote religious literacy, improved dialogue, discourse, and policy? The initiative seeks to unlock answers to these questions through original design and field research in games and simulations as well as through scholarly gatherings, discussions, and publications.

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Wellness and Healing

IMLearning Lab collaborates with clinicians and research scientists on research and design innovations to promote healing and wellness through interactive media.

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History of Instructional Design

IMLearning Lab researches important and under-studied instructional design of media, recovering histories nearly lost.  The current project, Honeycrisp focuses on late Cold War media design for teaching k-12 students.

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Interactive Narrative

IMLearning Lab explores the boundaries of interactive and dramatic narratives, drawing on Dr. Gottlieb’s experience designing situated documentary, mobile augmented reality storytelling, and his industry experience in dramatic screen and teleplay writing.

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