Freshman Orientation

Welcome to RIT! Freshman students have already been registered for RIT Orientation 2020, and you have been placed in an Orientation group.

Move-In Days will take place August 12-15. The Orientation program will take place when you move to campus until August 18. Your first day of classes will be August 19. We will be communicating to your RIT email account regarding selecting your move-in day, time, and when you are assigned to meet your Orientation Leader and small group for the week.

RSVP and save the date for RIT Orientation 2020.

RIT Coronavirus Updates

We are planning the best and safest ways in which to bring the residential academic experience back, with public health considerations at the forefront. A return to campus in the fall will require innovative practices and new safety standards related to places and spaces, and how we learn, study, conduct research, collaborate, and engage with one another. The RIT Coronavirus website will be updated throughout the summer as decisions are made about our return to campus in the fall. This will affect how we execute Orientation, and help acclimate you to RIT. Please be sure to check your RIT email frequently for important updates and information designed to make your transition to RIT as smooth as possible. 

Connecting with Clubs and Organizations

There are many opportunities for you to engage in clubs and organizations during your time at RIT. Throughout Orientation, you'll get a little taste of all the opportunities RIT has for you to get involved. 

Community of Care

Caring is one of the many things that makes the RIT experience unique. Caring for yourself (self-care) and for others (culture of care) will be a daily part of your time here. This program will review how you can practice self-care, and participate in our culture of care. 

Academic Day

We will have a large portion of our program dedicated to meeting with your college, meeting other incoming students that are a part of your program, providing you answers to your fall semester schedule, academic advising opportunities, tools and resources for academic success at RIT, and more. 

RIT 365 Liftoff

As an incoming first-year student, you will start your academic career with the required RIT 365 course. It is designed to help you learn the values and expectations of the RIT, establish your place, and meet with your RIT 365 group. 

Diversity and Inclusion

RIT is a diverse community of learners. With international students from over 100 different countries, our deaf/hard of hearing students, members of our queer community, and students from various religious backgrounds, RIT is a place where diversity is not just a buzzword. It is a way of life. 

Title IX Training

All students, faculty, and staff are protected under Title IX at RIT. This includes sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and retaliation. Title IX violations are taken very seriously at RIT, and we are committed to helping you navigate the many resources we have available to you.

We are committed to provide you training and resources before you begin your fall semester classes, to ensure you are acclimated to RIT and that all of your questions and concerns are addressed. 

Access the New Student Orientation closed group in CampusGroups  

New RIT students in the Gordon Field House during Convocation in 2019.

Welcome Guide

After you make your deposit, you should expect to receive your RIT Welcome Guide in the mail. This takes you step by step through deadlines throughout the summer, how to set up your account, and key resources that you should connect with. This Welcome Guide will serve you and your family to prepare you for starting at RIT. 

Download the Welcome Guide 

Academic Checklist

You will receive an account activation email from RIT when your enrollment deposit has been received and posted to our system. Please allow 1-2 business days for deposit payment processing. The account activation email will go to the email address you provided us on your admissions application. If after two business days you have not received the account activation email but have paid your deposit, please contact the ITS Service Desk for assistance. (Please note that this is different than the RIT Admissions account that you used during the application process.) You will use your new RIT computer account login to complete other enrollment processes, including housing contracts, student health forms, and critical information to complete the rest of this academic checklist.

You are required to take the Math Placement Exam (MPE) between now and June 30, 2020. If you are pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in the College of Art and Design, you are not required to take the MPE.

Expect to see an email from your college starting in June that includes information we need from you directly to help your advisor put together your first semester fall schedule. 

In order to have test or transfer credit evaluated by RIT, you must submit an official transcript of the work completed directly to RIT.

More information on test and transfer credits

Account Setup Checklist

You will receive an account activation email from RIT when your enrollment deposit has been received and posted to our system. Please allow 1-2 business days for deposit payment processing. The account activation email will go to the email address supplied on your admissions application. If you need assistance, please contact the ITS Service Desk.

Email notifications are sent to students and authorized payers (e.g., parents, guardians, etc.) when bills become available. Student Financial Services has information on fee rates, billing, payment options, loan repayment, and educational tax credit. Their online eServices site provides real-time account inquiry and electronic payment for tuition/fees and Tiger Bucks. You can authorize up to three persons to receive eBill reminder notifications and have access to food or Tiger Bucks balances, course schedules, and grades by logging into

Take a selfie and create your own personalized student ID before Orientation so you don’t have to wait in line!

Photo guidelines and submissions

You must submit your photo by Friday, August 14, 2020.

RIT Alert allows RIT to contact you in the event of an emergency through text message, voice message, and email. If you have questions or concerns about RIT Alert, contact

Learn more about emergency communications

Take two minutes to update your parent and emergency contact information in SIS (Student Information Systems). Contact the ITS Service Desk at or 585-475-4357 to report a problem.

Health and Wellness Checklist

You must complete the five required health documents located online at by July 1, 2020.

  • Immunization Record
  • Health History
  • Tuberculosis Screening
  • Treatment Authorization
  • Insurance Plan

The departments within Wellness Programs and Services strive to promote and develop healthy lifestyles, social interaction, and leadership skills among RIT students. Participating in recreation activities, health promotion programming, club sports or intramurals is a great way to meet new friends who share a common interest.

In addition, Wellness Education and Outdoor Education, combined, offer over 400 wellness-related classes each year. Students are required to take two wellness classes prior to graduation, but there is no limit to the number of classes you can take. There is a large variety of courses available for students to choose from, including Zumba, Juggling, Stress Management, Maple Syrup in our Environment, Sunrise Yoga, CPR and First Aid, Futsal, Rock Climbing and more.

Learn more about Wellness Programs and Services

The Student Health Center provides primary care and urgent care services to all RIT students in a culturally sensitive way. There is an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter on staff, as well as Cyracom translation services available. Appointments can be made for health counseling, evaluation and treatment of common medical concerns.

For medical care beyond the scope of practice of the Student Health Center, students will be referred to local specialists with guidance and coordination of care provided by a member of the Student Health Center team.

For more information on medical care and services, visit the Student Health Center website.

Although the Student Health Center does not have a full service pharmacy and cannot fill prescriptions written by outside clinicians, we do have a limited selection of commonly prescribed medications acute medical needs available for purchase. 

If a prescription is recommended by the Student Health Center, but is not available to purchase or if your doctor at home continues your prescriptions, you can arrange for delivery from Wegmans Pharmacy to the Student Health Center. If you have a different preferred pharmacy, our clinicians can fax your script directly to them. 

For more information on filling prescriptions, visit the Student Health Center website.


Counseling and Psychological Services offers short-term, goal-focused individual therapy, group therapy, crisis support, and psychiatric services in an open, safe and confidential environment.

Weekly check-ins, specialized or intensive clinical services that require a meeting for concerns beyond identified short-term goals are outside the scope of our services. If you currently see a professional for these services, we recommend that you continue treatment with your provider or contact our Case Management team to assist you in connecting with a mental health specialist in the local community.

For more information on mental health counseling, visit the Counseling and Psychological Services website.


Health insurance coverage and cost is also important to understand. Check with your health insurance provider to determine if you will be covered in the Rochester Area. 

The Case Management team is available to assist students in connecting to resources on- and off-campus. Since it takes time to schedule off-campus appointments, early planning is encouraged for students who may benefit from these resources. Advance scheduling will allow for the smoothest transition to get students access to the resources they need.

For more information on connecting to off-campus resources and insurance, visit the Case Management website.

The Disability Services Office works in collaboration with partners across RIT to foster a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive campus community. Some students may be unsure whether the Diability Services Office can support their needs. We welcome all enrolled RIT students to register with our office and request accommodations if they identify as having a permanent or temporary disability. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Lifelong or acquired disabilities
  • Hidden disabilities (e.g. learning disabilities or mental health disabilities)
  • Chronic illness
  • Veterans with service-related disabilities
  • Pregnancy
  • Students of size
  • Students with temporary disabilities (e.g. athletes with injuries or students recovering from surgery)

Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students:
RIT is also home to the Department of Access Services (DAS) at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID). DAS provides interpreting, note-taking, and real-time captioning services to the RIT community. Deaf and hard-of-hearing students who work with DAS for captioning, note-taking, and/or interpreting may also contact the Disability Services Office for support with any additional accessibility needs. For more information about supports for D/deaf and hard-of-hearing students with additional disabilities, visit the DeafPlus website.  

In order to request disability accommodations, students should:

  1. Fill out an accommodation request form
  2. Submit documentation to verify your disability and need for accommodations
  3. Meet with our professional staff to discuss your request and next steps

For more information on disability services and accommodations, visit the Disability Services Office website.

Housing, Dining, and Commuting Checklist

Your special interest housing essays are due June 1, with no extensions. You will receive a notification on June 9 regarding your request for special interest housing. Contact RIT Housing at with questions or concerns. 

June 8: Complete your housing contract to receive an appointment time at
June 10: You will receive an email with an appointment date and time to select your room.
June 17-30: Log in to at your assigned date and time to select your room, and indicate your roommate at that time. 

If you complete the contract after June 8, or you did not self-select, in late June you will be assigned by RIT Housing.

After room selections have been verified in late June, you can select a meal plan.

First-year freshman living in the residence halls are required to have a freshman meal plan:
Tiger 10: $2,918
Tiger 14: $3,000
Tiger 19: $3,050

Meal plans are available for all RIT students, including students living off campus. 

To find more information regarding all meal plans offered, please visit the RIT Dining website.

If you are an off-campus or commuter student, Off-Campus and Commuter Services (OCCS) is an office within Campus Life that provides opportunities, events, and space for you to build your community at RIT with other off-campus students. OCCS puts on social gatherings, Commuter Spirit Week, and housing fairs to connect you to RIT and the surrounding Rochester community. OCCS also has a commuter lounge with study space, computers and printer access, free coffee, a microwave and refrigerator, and games to help you make this space a home away from home.

Connect with OCCS at Orientation, and stop by the commuter lounge in the Campus Center, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m.


Purchases with Tiger Bucks can be made at food and retail locations across campus, and can be used on food and non-food items. They are held in a separate account that starts with a zero balance, and they can be rolled over per semester and academic year. When using Tiger Bucks, you are charged 8% sales tax on all purchases. You can add funds at any time via

Meal Exchanges are valued at $9.50. They apply to any meal with meal exchanges included. Meal Exchanges can be used at any RIT Dining location, excluding Nathan's Soup & Salad and Java Wally's. Meals reset every Sunday before breakfast.

Dining Dollars can be used at all RIT Dining locations (excluding Nathan's Soup and Salad, and Java Wally's), campus convenience stores, and vending machines. They save 8% tax on food purchases and 10% at Gracie's. Any unused Dining Dollar balances at the end of the fall semester will roll-over into spring semester. All funds must be used by the end of spring semester.

Navigating Orientation Checklist

Text RITORI to 888777 to receive immediate text alerts and updates as you arrive on campus for Orientation. The Orientation text alert system will be available on June 1, and will only be used to communicate about on campus emergencies and inclement weather.

You must activate your RIT email in order to receive information from New Student Orientation with action items we will need for you to complete throughout the summer. Please be on the lookout for the RIT newsletters in your RIT email every week starting the first week in June. 

With the RIT CampusGroups app, you will have access to the most up-to-date Orientation schedule after August 1 (when the Orientation app in CampusGroups goes live), and it will provide you the ability to check into events throughout Orientation. RIT CampusGroups maximizes student engagement opportunities for all RIT students. Visit to learn about how you can get started, and what you might like to try. You will not have access to RIT CampusGroups until your RIT computer and email account are set up.

Housing Arrival Guide

You will receive your Housing Arrival Guide if you choose to live in one of our residential facilities this fall to your RIT email in late July. Please review additional information at for additional resources, information, and your Housing Arrival Guide in July.