Fall 2022 Orientation

Welcome, Tigers!

Orientation will begin on Sunday, Aug. 14 and conclude on Sunday, Aug. 21.

Our Orientation program kicks off with our Welcome Days on Sunday, Aug. 14 and Monday, Aug. 15. Welcome Day highlights:

  • Freshmen residential move-in
  • Orientation check-in
  • Campus Resource Fair
  • Informational presentations by campus leaders
  • Welcome to RIT presentation by our Orientation staff
  • Social programming

All programming is open to both students and families these days but there is a special parent and family social immediately following Welcome to RIT.

Our formal Orientation program will commence on Tuesday, Aug. 16 with our Meet Your Orientation Leader (OL) program. This program is designed to introduce you to other new students and all RIT has to offer. Your OL will help you to navigate Orientation week, become familiar with campus, and participate in a series of fun educational and social programs.

We cannot wait to meet you and welcome you to our RIT Tiger family! 

Orientation Highlights

Welcome Days

August 14-15, 2022

Welcome Days are designated days that take place before orientation to usher in new incoming students. These days consist of Residential Move-in, Orientation Check-in, Resource Fair, Informational Programs from Campus Partners and Student and Family Social Programming.  

Resource Fair

August 14-15, 2022

The Resource Fair is an exciting opportunity to connect with offices from across campus in one space.  Incoming students are provide this time to mingle and ask any questions they may have for resources ranging from RIT Dining to club sports and Intramurals.

Social Activities 

August 14-21, 2022

Throughout the Orientation experience, students will have an opportunity to engage in fun, relaxing and educational activities. Activities and events are hosted by RIT clubs, organizations and campus departments and will help you build connection to the RIT community. Activities range from musical acts to Humans vs. Zombies. 

Academic Day 

August 17, 2022

Academic Day will assist in acclimating you to your academic programs. On this day, you will visit your college, meet your academic advisor, attend social events and learn about resources to utilize for academic success at RIT. Academic Day is an opportune time to review important information and ask specific questions regarding your fall semester schedule. 


August 18, 2022

Convocation serves as a formal academic ceremony for New Students while marking the beginning of your educational journey. The president, provost, deans, faculty and staff will greet and congratulate you on becoming an RIT Tiger as they look forward to supporting your years of learning. Families will have the opportunity to view the live streaming. 

Tigers and Their Stripes

August 18, 2022

RIT is a community that embraces all students, faculty, and staff from different cultures, perspectives, and beliefs. During Orientation, various program are held to support RIT’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. You will attend educational programs to learn how to have thoughtful conversations with others and learn from each other's differences. 

RIT 365 Liftoff 

August 19, 2022

Experiential learning and hands-on experiences are at the heart of RIT 365, a one-of-a-kind course taken by incoming first-year students at RIT. Liftoff is your introduction to the Plan-Do-Reflect cycle with your RIT 365 facilitators and classmates. The goal is for you to build the foundation for a sense of community and belonging at RIT.

Healthy Start

August 19, 2022

At RIT, we look to ensure each student is developed holistically. A key aspect of this is wellness. As a part of your Orientation experience, you will have the opportunity to participate in our Healthy Start program which helps you focus on your health and well-being as you begin your RIT journey. This program is a fun, engaging, and safe space where you can learn about RIT's wellness programs and services.


August 25-28, 2022

Hosted the first weekend after classes begin, FallFest is RIT's kick-off festival for the new academic year. If you're a new or returning student, FallFest welcomes you to a new year at RIT. FallFest includes signature events such as the Get Involved Fair, FallFest Carnival, and more!

Tiger Activities Fair 

August 27, 2022

The annual Tiger Activities Fair will be held in-person during FallFest. This event is open to all new and returning students, and is a great opportunity to learn about and engage with RIT recognized student clubs and organizations.