Year One Programs

RIT 365: an opportunity unlike any other. A chance to immerse yourself in the campus culture at RIT.

At RIT, we have built a first-year course that helps you launch your career at RIT. Through this immersive experience, you’ll develop self-awareness and make meaningful connections that will provide a foundation for success during your time at RIT and beyond. Our course is unlike any other first-year course in the country. Through experiential learning opportunities, you’ll plan for and reflect on your first-year experiences, receive feedback, and develop a personal plan to help you own your RIT experience.

RIT 365 Updates

RIT 365 course:  Class will be meeting online via Google Meet, initiated by course Facilitator.  Coaching appointments will be arranged individually between students and facilitators.

Community Experiences:  All Year One Programs-related Community Experience opportunities are cancelled for this semester. Students enrolled in current semester experiences will be invited to future Community Experience opportunities by Year One Programs staff.

RIT 365 Facilitator Recruitment: Year One Programs continues to recruit, interview, and hire RIT 365 Facilitators for the fall semester via online methods. If you are interested in becoming an RIT 365 Facilitator, please visit the application website here.

The RIT 365 Journey

RIT 365 Program Elements

It’s time to launch your RIT career. Before your RIT 365 class starts you will build camaraderie through intentional bonding experiences with a section of fellow students and two facilitators at Orientation.

At the core of RIT 365 is the Plan, Do, Reflect Cycle. Through this process, you will engage with and practice professional competencies including critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.

Facilitators will lead you through a series of experiential opportunities related to the theme of your cohort. You will encounter and practice professional competencies such as creativity, communication, collaboration, self-awareness, and critical thinking.


Your team will meet weekly to develop a plan to engage in an active learning experience related to your cohort theme. Planning will include anticipating potential challenges students may encounter in their active learning experience as well as new skills they hope to gain.


Your team will engage in an active learning experience in the week following their planning week. Learning experiences may be completed as an entire team, in small groups, or independently. Examples of learning experiences include engaging in community service, connecting with students on RIT Global campuses, participating in a university event, and interacting with faculty across campus.


You will reconvene the week following active learning experiences to reflect on the experience. Conversations will include receiving and providing feedback from each other and from their facilitator, identifying the value of experiences to the individual and the group, making a plan for how this experience informs future decision-making, and documenting the competencies gained from the experience.

Three times per semester, inspiring RIT community members will share the story of their competency-building processes with you.

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You will meet individually with facilitators to enhance their self-awareness through reflection on their first-year experience.

You will begin to curate a portfolio that documents their skills and experiences. RIT 365 portfolios help you to establish an ongoing inventory of the skills built while at RIT.

After completing the RIT 365 course, you will be invited to develop, implement and reflect on authentic projects that have a positive impact on the community. Possibilities for the participatory Community Experience include service-based learning, and developing campus programs and projects.

Featured RIT 365 Experiences

RIT Libraries

RIT libraries and archives are hosting a variety of experiences for RIT 365 students to actively engage with the resources The Wallace Center provides. These experiences include an escape room, making thank-you cards on a historic printing press in the Cary Collection, uncovering the history of books dating as far back as the 16th century, bookmaking, editing Wikipedia pages, and using technology in the Deaf Studies Archive.

Learn more about RIT Libraries

RIT Baja Team

Baja SAE is a team of students who build a new off-road vehicle every year that can survive and overcome different terrains and obstacles. The vehicles are entered in competitions, being judged on the design and performance of the vehicle through numerous events ranging from static events like cost and design to dynamic events like acceleration, hill climb, and maneuverability. In the most recent racing season, RIT’s team placed 1st overall as the North American champion. RIT 365 students will observe demonstrations of workshop equipment as well as participate in a “corner swap” (physically switch out the components on a corner of a vehicle).

Learn more about the RIT Baja Team


Your RIT 365 course is co-facilitated by an RIT faculty or staff member and an RIT student. 

Shawna Szabo
Assistant Director

“I am hoping to strengthen my skills as an educator by encouraging productive dialogue with our students and helping them think outside the box. What better way to show commitment to RIT students than to share in their journey as an RIT 365 Facilitator.”

Herlandt Lino headshot

Herlandt Lino
​​​​​​​Student Facilitator

“I think it’s an important lesson that we can learn new and valuable things everyday and from everyone. As an RIT 365 Facilitator, I have the pleasure in developing personal connections with my students while also helping them learn about their peers around them and everything RIT has to offer. This is truly a rewarding experience.”