RIT 365

RIT 365 aims to empower you to own and establish a foundation for your RIT experience.


Create a plan to develop broad-based professional competencies, including communication, critical thinking and collaboration.

Enhance your personal growth by using intentional strategies (tools).

Connect with an RIT community member (faculty, staff or alumni).

Develop foundational self-awareness.

Engage with the RIT community.

Impact the community in a positive way.

Program Core

At the core of RIT 365 is the Plan-Do-Reflect Cycle. Facilitators will lead you through a series of experiential opportunities and dialogue. You will encounter and practice professional competencies such as creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and self-awareness.


Your team will meet weekly to develop a plan to engage in an active learning experience. Planning includes anticipating potential challenges you may encounter in your active learning experience as well as new skills they hope to gain.


Your team will engage in an active learning experience in the week following your planning week. Learning experiences may be completed as an entire team, in small groups, or independently. Examples of learning experiences include engaging in community service, connecting with students on RIT Global campuses, participating in a university event, and interacting with faculty, students, and staff across campus.


You will reconvene the week following active learning experiences to reflect on the experience. Conversations will include receiving and providing feedback from each other and from your facilitator, identifying the value of experiences to the individual and the group, making a plan for how this experience informs future decision-making, and documenting the competencies you gained from the experience.

Program Elements

Super Speakers

Once during the semester, inspiring RIT community members will share the story of their competency-building process with you.


You will meet individually with each of your Facilitators to enhance your self-awareness through reflection on your first-year experience.


You will begin to curate a portfolio that documents your skills and experiences. RIT 365 portfolios help you to establish an ongoing inventory of the skills you build while at RIT.


Through this experience I was able to work on my collaboration, critical and analytic thinking, creativity, and problem solving skills. I worked with my group to successfully get through the different problems. I not only suggested my ideas but also listened to others, which allowed us to complete the escape room quickly.

Kaitlin White
on Cybersecurity Escape Room PDR Cycle

When we were given time to write our own poem about a memory we never want to lose, it helped me reflect back on my life and see all the good things that have happened so far. Writing the poem also allowed me to show my creative side, and learn more about myself as a person.

Theres Uhl
on the Mental Graffit PDR cycle