Orientation Program Information for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing and NTID-Supported Students

Orientation and SVP

First-year and transfer deaf and hard-of-hearing students who are entering into an associate degree program, associate+bachelor's degree program, pre-baccalaureate program, or in career exploration studies in the College of NTID will attend the Summer Vestibule Orientation (SVP). SVP will be held August 15-24, 2024.
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First-year and transfer deaf and hard-of-hearing students who are accepted into bachelor’s degree programs in one of the other eight colleges of RIT as well as first-year and transfer students accepted into the American Sign Language-English interpretation program and community development and inclusive leadership program will attend RIT New Student Orientation. 
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Optional Pre-Orientation Programs

In addition to the required orientation programs for accepted students, RIT/NTID offers optional summer pre-orientation programs for first-year and transfer students. Students may only register for one summer program because dates overlap.

STP is a six-week program designed to give newly admitted students a strong academic and social start on their college journey. The program helps students develop their academic, leadership, and college readiness skills. Students who apply to STP will be accepted based on their high school experiences and personal backgrounds and recommendation from the NTID Admissions Committee.

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NSP is an optional four-credit, pre-orientation program offered to newly accepted deaf and hard-of-hearing students who have little or no prior skills in American Sign Language. This program is designed to help you learn basic sign skills, so that you will be able to communicate more effectively with RIT/NTID students, faculty, and staff members who use sign language.

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