E17.0 Faculty Leave of Absence

Scope: Applies to tenure-track faculty, non-tenure-track lecturers, and non-tenure-track research faculty

  1. Separate from a Faculty Leave for Professional/Career Development (E18.0), Family Medical Leave (E33.0), or Military Leave (E34.0), a leave of absence without salary may be granted to faculty members for good cause, provided satisfactory arrangements can be made to cover their  work loads.  A leave of absence without salary of up to four months may be granted with continuation of benefits. A leave of absence without salary of more than four months may be granted without continuation of benefits.

  2. If the application for such leave makes it clear that the professional status of the individual and hence the university will be enhanced as a result of the leave, the leave may be a paid leave.  The university will study each case on its individual merits. If the leave is a paid leave, benefits may be continued for up to two (2) years.  Contributions to the faculty member’s retirement plan will continue only if the faculty member receives a salary during the leave; the amount of the contribution is based on the actual salary received by the faculty member during the leave.  If the leave is a paid leave, the recipient of the faculty leave of absence is obligated to return to the university for a period of one (1) academic year following the leave period.  If this obligation is not met, the recipient shall be expected to repay the salary received while on paid leave.  The terms of repayment will be specified in writing.  Usually, repayment must be made within five (5) years.

  3. To apply for a leave of absence, the faculty member shall submit to the department head a written request for the leave of absence, preferably six months in advance of the leave. The request shall indicate whether a leave with pay is requested and the date by which the faculty member intends to return to the university.  The department head will submit the faculty request to the dean with a recommendation for or against the leave.  The dean will submit their recommendation and the department head’s recommendation along with the faculty request, to the provost for final decision. 

  4. Faculty members on a leave of absence with or without pay will receive, and will be required to sign, a faculty contract issued by the dean stating the duration and terms and conditions of the leave. This faculty contract shall govern the leave and may only be modified in writing by the faculty member, department head, dean, and provost.

Responsible Office:
Faculty Senate and the Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Inquiries may be directed to: 

Faculty Senate:       
2106 Eastman Hall

Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs:       
Assistant Vice President
2109 Eastman Hall

Effective Date:
September 9, 1959

Policy History:

  • Revision approved December 15, 2011
  • Revision approved November 15, 2018 - section A - the word "pay" replaced with the word "salary"; section C - the phrase "preferable two semesters in advance" was placed with "preferably six months in advance"; section D - the last sentence was rewritten.