P03.0 Honor Code

Integrity and strong moral character are valued and expected within and outside of the RIT community. As members of the RIT campus community, including students, trustees, faculty, staff, and administrators, we will:

  • Demonstrate civility, respect, decency and sensitivity towards our fellow members of the RIT community, and recognize that all individuals at this university are part of the larger RIT family, and as such are entitled to that support and mutual respect which they deserve.
  • Conduct ourselves with the highest standards of moral and ethical behavior. Such behavior includes taking responsibility for our own personal choices, decisions and academic and professional work.
  • Affirm through the daily demonstration of these ideals that RIT is a university devoted to the pursuit of knowledge and a free exchange of ideas in an open and respectful climate.

The Honor Code encompasses other RIT policies and procedures which include:

  • Core Values
  • Diversity Statement
  • Research Oversight Policy (C1.0)
  • Misconduct in Research and Scholarship (C2.0)
  • Intellectual Property Policy (C3.0)
  • Conflict of Interest Policy Pertaining to Externally Funded Projects (C4.0)
  • Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research (C5.0)
  • Policy Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment (C6.0)
  • Code of Conduct for Computer and Network Use (C8.0)
  • Policy with Respect to Demonstrations on Campus (C11.0)
  • Drug and Alcohol Policies (C15.1 Student; C15.2 Faculty and Staff)
  • Illegal Conduct (C18.0)
  • Student Academic Integrity Policy (D8.0)
  • Academic Conduct and Appeals Procedures (D17.0)
  • Student Conduct Process (D18.0)
  • Student Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct Policy - Title IX (D19.0)
  • Expectations for Community Behavior (found in Student Rights and Responsibilities)

Responsible Office:

Effective Date:
Approved October 11, 2006

Policy History:
Edited August 2010
Edited July 2018 to add policy D19.0 to policy list

Edited December 2022 to correct name of policy D08.0