Guiding Principles and Goals

Our Guiding Principles

  • Student Success
  • Academic Excellence
  • Faculty and Staff Success
  • Diversity, Social Justice, and Inclusive Excellence
  • Synergy and Outreach
  • Environment and Infrastructure
  • Academic Operations

Our Overarching Goals

We will pursue our vision to be known for the high quality education we provide to our students, our world-class research and expertise in target areas, our innovative person-centered approaches to teaching and learning, and our graduates who will be equipped with cutting edge knowledge who will be prepared, through experiential learning and deep understanding of the principles of equity, social justice, and inclusive excellence, to succeed in their chosen careers.

Provide excellent mathematics and science foundation courses for all RIT students and develop and support academic programs that will instill interdisciplinary inquiry and intellectual growth, and will prepare our graduates for careers in a rapidly changing global marketplace.

Build on our successes and develop and support active, world-class, cross-disciplinary research programs and centers of excellence that will attract first-rate scientists to RIT, will provide rich, person-centered diverse and inclusive learning environments for our students, and will be supported by grants, foundations, and industrial sponsorship.

Promote, support, and enhance a vigorous, diverse, inclusive, and rewarding academic environment that fosters faculty and staff professional growth, job satisfaction, impartiality, social justice, equality and equity for all members of the College.

Develop partnerships and outreach programs with business, industry, government, K-12 community, alumni, and other RIT academic units in support of the goals of the College and Institute.

The College of Science will be housed in State-of-the-Art Facilities and will provide infrastructure that will enable excellence in science and math education and research.