• driving simulator

    A driving simulator is used to study human perception to aid development of automated driving systems. (Professor Susan Farnand)
  • oak ridge national laboratory

    Results of recent simulations of an industrial area as rendered by a panchromatic optical sensor and a synthetic aperture radar sensor used in remote sensing imaging systems. (Professor Emmett Lentilucci)

  • The spatial distribution of magnetic ink vs the visible image in a dollar bill, as measured by a novel electron paramagnetic resonance mobile universal surface explorer. (Professor Joseph Hornak)

  • X-ray and surface science students learn ultra-high vacuum surface spectroscopy techniques to measure individual atomic and molecular mono layers at an interface. (Professor Michael Pierce)
  • high resolution remote sensing

    Novel prediction of salt marsh resilience and carbon sequestration enabled by high resolution remote sensing and on the ground assessment of plant stress. (Professors Christy Tyler and Chip Bachmann)
Rochester Institute of Technology College of Science