Undergraduate Neuroscience Research

Undergraduate research opportunities are abundant across campus for students interested in neuroscience. Whether it’s visual perception, artificial intelligence, or virtual reality, explore how the brain works from a field that interests you.

Neuroscience Research Areas

patient and psychologists

Clinical Neuroscience

graphic of brain

Computational Neuroscience and AI

student with headset

Multisensory Perception in Natural and Immersive Environments

student with test subject

Cognitive Neuroscience

student using imaging system on a document

Cultural Heritage Imaging

computer and robotics

Visual and Color Perception

What Our Faculty Are Researching

“The focus of my research studies how people perceive objects with differing visual appearances by combining information from vision and touch. With this knowledge, immersive experiences can be developed in a variety of fields, including entertainment, gaming, education, and health.”

headshot of Elena Fedorovskaya
Elena Fedorovskaya
Research Faculty in the Integrated Sciences Academy
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“As a researcher, I am primarily interested in behaviors and symptoms that involve a lack of impulse control, such as addictions and aggressive behavior. I am also interested in understanding psychological disorders such as depression and trauma.”

headshot of Rebecca Houston
Rebecca Houston
Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology
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“I am interested in how individual observers perceive color differently. The research I’ve conducted explores human perceptions on images in print, on smartphones, and on television.”

headshot of Susan Farnand
Susan Farnand
Associate Professor and Graduate Color Science Program Director
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Stand Out With Your Research

Students who perform undergraduate research stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs and graduate schools.

Present Your Research
Our students present their research at conferences nationwide and at our annual Undergraduate Research Symposium right here on campus.

From mentoring motivated students in writing their first scientific publication to offering a free poster printing service on campus, we have the resources to help students stand out from the crowd.

Research Scholar Awards
We recognize research excellence among graduating students with our annual Undergraduate Research Scholars Awards and a special ceremony at commencement.

Work with a Professor

Work alongside professors who are experts in their field in state-of-the-art facilities.