Mathematical Modeling PhD Students

RIT graduates of the mathematical modeling Ph.D. will have the expertise not only to use the tools of mathematical modeling in various application settings but also to contribute in creative and innovative ways to the solution of complex interdisciplinary problems and to communicate effectively with domain experts in various fields.

Ph.D. Students

headshot of Jennifer Aduamah
Jennifer Aduamah (2021)


headshot of Alberto Alonso
Alberto Alonso (2021)


Chris Beam
Chris Beam (2017)
Data Assimilation and Cardiac Electromechanics


headshot of Bridget Torsey
Bridget Chase (Torsey) (2017)
Pharmacokinetics / Pharmacodynamics Modeling (PK/PD)


headshot of Meghan Childs
Meghan Childs (2020)
COVID-19 Modeling with Model-Data Fusion


headshot of Kimberly Dautel
Kimberly Dautel (2018)
Infectious Disease Modeling


headshot of Adam Giammarese
Adam Giammarese (2021)
Data-Driven Complex Systems


headshot of Zijia Gong
Zi-Jia Gong (2020)
Machine Learning Theory and Dynamical Systems


headshot of Ben Grande
Guillermo Benjamín Grande (2021)


headshot of Diksha Gunputh
Narshini Gunputh (2020)
Mathematical Biology


Rachel Hawks
Rachel Hawks (2019)
Biomedical Mathematics


Colin Huber
Colin Huber (2017)
Spatiotemporal Stability of Propagating Waves


headshot of Vedat Kurtay
Vedat Kurtay (2021)
Mathematical Biology


headshot of Jason LaRuez
Jason LaRuez (2021)
Data-Driven Modeling & Network Science


headshot of Trevor Lax
Trevor Lax (2020)
Equation-Free Modeling
of Complex Systems


Pancy Lwin
Pancy Lwin (2017)
Statistical Mechanics in Biological Systems


headshot of Adoulay Maiga
Abdoulaye Maiga (2020)
Biomedical Mathematics especially Cancer Research, Epidemiology, Optimal Control Theory, Ecology, and Stochastic Processes


Jenna McDanold
Jenna McDanold (2018)
Prescribed and Wildfire Behavior Modeling


Victoria McGraw
Victoria McGraw (2019)
Stochastic Modeling of Superspreaders


Lauren Melcher
Lauren Melcher (2018)
Modeling Dynamic Assembly of Colloidal Networks


Nastaran Nagshineh
Nastaran Naghshineh (2019)
Fluid Dynamics of Liquid Films


Alejandro NietoRamos
Alejandro Nieto Ramos (2017)
Bayesian (Parameter) Estimation in Cardiac Models


headshot of Jordana Obrien
Jordana O’Brien (2017)
Computational Fluid Dynamics, Pediatric Lung Modeling, and Agent-Based Modeling


headshot of Rhiannan Reuf
Rhiannan Ruef (2020)
Modeling Spiral Wave Dynamics


headshot of Justin Sostre
Justin Sostre (2021)
Machine Learning Theory


headshot of Riley Supple
Riley Supple (2021)


headshot of Yidan Yang
Yidan Yang (2019)
Applied Inverse Problems


headshot of Nicole Rosato
Nicole Rosato (Spring 2021)
Numerical Relativity

Juliette Daily
Juliette Daily (Fall 2021)
Study of Plastic Pollution Transport (Great Lakes)