Student to Student: Color gamut volume of HDR displays

Research overview by Fu Jiang

Jaime Huynh, RIT Student

Fu Jiang is a 4th year PhD student in Color Science at RIT and his mentor/advisor is Dr. Mark Fairchild.

My dissertation research focuses on the Color Gamut Volume of High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays. Recently, HDR displays have gained popularity due to their improved ability in showing images/videos. In simple words, HDR displays are capable of a higher peak luminance level (more brightness) and a lower black level (more contrast) compared with the traditional Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) displays. However, research is still required to quantify HDR display capability (both physically and perceptually) for improved image/video presentation when compared with SDR displays. One such parameter of such displays is the range of colors that they can produce, or color gamut volume. My dissertation research provides some insight into the theoretical color gamut volume model, which are measurement-based calculations, and the perceptual color gamut volume from the perspective of a regular observer/consumer. Additionally, I will further explore the perceived black level on HDR OLED television displays, which are known for their amazing performance on black level.

Besides the dissertation research project, I also did an interesting project in my second year. It was a vision searching task experiment to explore the effect of background colors and foreground colors on the ability of observers to detect signals intended to communicate information (e.g. a warning light on your car dashboard). For our foreground colors, we found normal vision observers showed fastest reaction (least searching time) on mid-gray background. Also, the result showed a favor of red foreground colors over blue and yellow for normal vision observers. We also recruited some color vision deficient observers from campus to have a comparison with the normal vision observers.

How did you come to study Color Science at RIT?

When I was in Imaging Science MS program, I took two courses in Color Science. I found color is an interesting topic and it is far more complex than what I thought about color before.

You are researching color gamut volume of HDR displays. How did you become interested in this topic?

I was very interested in some HDR topics. However, before the popularity, more was about Tone-Mapping Operator. Now, the HDR display becomes available and popular. It is more direct study about HDR, which is more interesting, practical and useful.

Any other research related experience you would like to share?

We are currently working on an interesting project about measuring the black level of OLED display. However, the display does not have a stable enough performance for blacking level. Therefore, we are trying to design a real time black level monitoring system during our following experiment.


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