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Get information on how to safely remove private information from your devices and stay protected. The chain of security is in your hands.

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The Private Information Management Initiative (PIMI) seeks to identify and reduce the amount of private information found on RIT computers and storage devices.

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The ongoing evolution of digital communication also brings about the evolution of scammers and their methods. Phishing is one kind of such fraud, in which the attacker masquerades as a reputable individual or group, in order to trick users into revealing their private information. Check out our resources to learn how not be baited and reeled in!

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The Information Security Office provides leadership to the RIT community in safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of RIT’s  information resources.

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Phishy Lures Crowds at Move-In 2012

Phishy Lures Crowds at Move-In 2012

PhishyPeople watching is always interesting at Move-In Day. You see a lot of interesting family dynamics: students with their families 20 feet behind them, students being embarrassed by their parents, parents collecting resource materials while the students walk right by the tables, etc. This year was a little more interesting as Phishy made an appearance to help incoming students become more aware of the dangers of phishing. Many students chose to have their photos taken with Phishy and their younger siblings were excited... ...

Important-Please Update your RIT.EDU details Phishing Attack on RIT Community

Important-Please Update your RIT.EDU details Phishing Attack on RIT Community




Why am I receiving this message?


RIT users are being targeted by a phishing email with the subject line "Important! Please Update Your RIT.EDU Details!" Clicking the link takes you to a spreadsheet in Google Docs. If you look at the email closely, you'll see a number of indicators that it's a phishing attempt. Several members of the RIT community have reported similar phishing attempts to us today.


Note that we also saw a phishing... ...