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The Information Security Office provides leadership to the RIT community in safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of RIT’s  information resources.

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Get information on how to safely remove private information from your devices and stay protected. The chain of security is in your hands.

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The Private Information Management Initiative (PIMI) seeks to identify and reduce the amount of private information found on RIT computers and storage devices.

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The ongoing evolution of digital communication also brings about the evolution of scammers and their methods. Phishing is one kind of such fraud, in which the attacker masquerades as a reputable individual or group, in order to trick users into revealing their private information. Check out our resources to learn how not be baited and reeled in!

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Information Security Advisory: Attack through Google Docs Request (Now Mitigated)

Attack through Google Docs (Now Mitigated)

Early today, RIT users were targeted in a phishing attack that masquerades as a document request on Google Docs. The link provided in the email messages are to the legitimate Google login system. Google has now blocked this particular attack from occurring.

Here's one of the variants below. You'll note that it very closely resembles the read Google docs notification email.

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How do I know this is a phishing attempt?

  • The days of looking at an email and knowing immediately that it's a phishing attempt are over. The sender address and the
  • ... ...

RIT Information Security Education: Phishing and Spear Phishing

The Difference Between Phishing and Spear Phishing

You’ve seen us mention both phishing and spear phishing in alerts and advisories. Here’s a look at the differences.


Phishing attacks are typically emails sent to a wide target audience with the intent of acquiring login credentials, account numbers, Social Security numbers, or other Private Information. The goal of the attackers is to commit Identity Theft. Although it used to be quite easy to identify the attacks because of poor grammar and other “telltales,” the attacks have become more sophisticated. It’s now possible for an attacker to purchase tool kits to create... ...

RIT Information Security Alert: Campus Notification Phishing Attempt

Campus Notification Phishing Attempt

RIT people are receiving an email masquerading as a Campus Notification sent from the RIT Message Center. The message originated from off campus and includes a link to a non-RIT address. Clicking on the link will take you to the phishing site.


Here is the phishing email:

 From: "RIT Message" <k.milne-15@student.lboro.ac.uk> Date: Apr 10, 2017 5:55 PM Subject: Campus Notification To: <RIT ADDRESSEE> CC: Hi there, You have an important campus notification Follow the link to read the notification Campus Notification Thank you, RIT Campus Notification, 

How do I know this is a... ...

RIT Information Security Alert: Drop Box and "Confirm Your Account" Phishing Attempts

"Confirm Your Account" Phishing Attempts

The phishing attacks have broadened to include a Drop Box associated phish and a simulated RIT Information Security Alert. Both phishes include links to compromised non-RIT websites. 


Drop Box Phish

From: Drop Box* <sdinatale@tampabay.com>

You have *1 new important document as of April 04, 2017 which is listed below along with the action that can be taken. You can view or download you documents by visiting preview or download page. Happy Dropboxing! 

- The Dropbox Team

P.S. Learn how to protect your account.


Simulated RIT Information Security Alert Phish

Subject: RIT Information Security... ...

RIT Information Security Alert: Recognizing that You're Really at myinfo.rit.edu

RIT users continue to be targeted in a phishing attack that masquerades as important messages to employees. The links provided in the email messages closely resemble our myinfo page, but there are a couple of indications that you’ve gone to a spoofed page.

Recognizing the Real RIT myinfo Page


Legitimate Site Indications

In the Address Bar: look for the following (from the left):