Digital Self-Defense (DSD) Team


Join the Team!

We need your help! We'd like you to become part of our security awareness team and help keep RIT and yourselves secure. Attacks have become more complex and require that you be vigilant. Practicing the elements of the DSD Team Pledge below will help make you and RIT safer against cyber attacks:

DSD Team Pledge

  1. Take personal responsibility for security and use good security practices.
  2. Pause and consider the risk before I connect to the Internet.
  3. Lock my computer whenever I leave my work area.
  4. Protect my mobile device by activating security features such as password and screen-lock, installing anti-virus software, and enabling remote wipe.
  5. Use strong passwords and create a separate password for each account.
  6. Never share my password with anyone.
  7. Follow RIT Information Security Policy and Standards and promptly report all security incidents or concerns to
  8. Safeguard sensitive data from any inappropriate disclosure.
  9. Not post personal, sensitive or non-public information on social media.
  10. Not participate in any cyber bullying activities.
  11. Raise awareness of good security practices among my family, friends, colleagues and community.
Adapted from the Florida State University Cyber Pledge
RItchie DSD

For more information, contact Ben Woelk at