Faculty and Staff

If you have questions or would like additional information about training related to working with students with autism spectrum disorders, please contact ssp@rit.edu.


Getting admitted to college is often the easy part for students with autism spectrum disorders. Surviving and succeeding can be quite another, as these students transition into a system that is often unprepared to receive them. 

Order your copy at Autism Asperger Publishing Company or call 877-277-8254 (toll-free).


Stairway to STEM: A national initiative supported through a grant from the National Science Foundation focused on building a support network for students on the autism spectrum who are pursuing STEM careers. The vantage point of this audio content is through the "lens" of a college faculty. It focuses on building relationships with neurodiverse students and embracing different communication and interaction styles

Teaching Strategies

Stairway to STEM - Universal Design for Learning: UDL frameworks and pedagogy can help instructors incorporate teaching strategies that best serve autistic and other neurodivergent students. In this series of interviews, learn about what UDL is, how to implement it, why it’s a good pedagogical fit for teachers of autistic students, and where to learn more about UDL.