News, Publications, and Grants

The Spectrum Support Program is continually contributing to autism spectrum research, awareness, and advocacy.


Research and Grants

“Program Evaluation of RIT’s Spectrum Support Program”; RIT Faculty Applied Research Grant. Collaborative project with RIT Psychology Faculty Dr. Audrey Smerbeck, January 2015

“Practitioners Conference: ASD in Higher Education”; Autism Speaks Family Services Community Grant.  A symposium-style gathering of higher education administrators from collaborating institutions that have established comprehensive support programs for matriculated college students on the autism spectrum charged with creating a Practitioner’s Resource Guide for Higher Education Professionals.  Collaborating institutions include: Western Kentucky University, Mercyhurst University, Eastern University, Rutgers University, University of Western Florida, and University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, January 2013

“Gearing Up for Success:  A Pre-Orientation Offering for Incoming First Year Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders”; University of Washington Alliance for Access to Computing Careers (AccessComputing).  Co-PI Susan Ackerman, Disability Services Office, August 2011


Ackles, L., Fields, H., Skinner, R. (2013).  “A Collaborative Support Model for Students on the Autism Spectrum in College Housing”, Journal of College and University Student Housing, Volume 40,(1).

Ackles, L. (Ed.). (2014).  “Emerging Practices for Supporting Students on the Autism Spectrum in Higher Education; A Guide for Higher Education Professionals”. View the PDF for Emerging Practices for Supporting Students on the Autism Spectrum in Higher Education; A Guide for Higher Education Professionals.

National Presentations

Association on Higher Education and Disability, Indianapolis, IN (July 12, 2016)
“Is this Person Ready to be a College Student: Issues of Readiness for College Bound Students with ASD”

National Autism Conference, Penn State University, State College, PA; (August 3, 2016)
“College Students in Animation and Art or Other Technology Disciplines”

National Association of School Psychologists, San Antonio, TX (February 23, 2017)
“What Works for Promoting Autistic Students’ Successful Transition to College”

National Career Development Association Global Conference, Orlando, FL (June 30, 2017)
“Are you ASD Inclusive?  A collaborative Model for Serving Job Seekers with ASD”

National Association of Colleges and Employers Conference, Las Vegas, NV (June 7, 2017)
“Hiring on the Spectrum:  Recruiting and Training Candidates on the Autism Spectrum”