The Spectrum Support Program is equipped to serve a finite number of students each academic year.

Your Application to RIT and to the Spectrum Support Program are separate and distinct processes, admission to RIT does not guarantee entry into the Spectrum Support Program. Our staff determine enrollment based on available space and program fit. Not all students who request services will receive support.


  • Must be enrolled in an undergraduate bachelor’s degree program at RIT
  • Must complete the Spectrum Support Program application process, including an online application form and online meeting with Spectrum Support Program staff
  • No other documentation (e.g., educational records, diagnostic information, letters of recommendation) will be requested or reviewed as part of the application process

Program Levels and Fees

No two journeys through college are the same. Our staff recommend a level of support based on your experience, progress, and needs.

First-year students often benefit from support with the transition to RIT. This may include getting familiar with and accessing campus resources, communicating effectively with professors and peers, finding ways to manage stress and anxiety, and using strategies for time management and organization.

Upper class students often benefit from assistance with navigating the co-op and job search process, and dealing with new and challenging situations on the path toward graduation

COST:  $2,500 per academic term

As you navigate your first year at RIT, you will meet weekly with a trained coach who provides 1:1 support in following areas:

  • negotiating the campus experience
  • engaging with extracurricular clubs and events
  • organizing and prioritizing academic tasks
  • advocating with professors, and
  • utilizing academic and other resources

If you start in the fall, you can participate in pre-arrival programming before New Student Orientation. In the past this has included information sessions, game nights, group meals, a fall schedule walk-through, and a fall semester kick-off event.

Typically, incoming first-year students will be enrolled at Level 1.

COST:   $1,800 per academic term

As you build on the success of your RIT journey so far, you will meet regularly with a trained coach who provides individual guidance as you continue to work toward your social, academic, and career-related goals.

You will also participate in a group coaching format facilitated by an SSP staff member with a focus on peer-to-peer support.  Participants will grow as leaders and problem solvers, and gain confidence by acting as a resource and support for each other.

Typically, second year students who wish to continue SSP coaching will be enrolled at Level 2.

COST:  $1,300 per academic term

As you progress toward graduation and the transition from college to career, you will meet weekly in a small group format facilitated by an SSP staff member with a focus on early career development. You will also have access to unique opportunities for professional networking through the Neurodiverse Hiring Initiative.

Drop-in meetings with SSP staff and referral to campus resources continue to be available in-person and online.

Typically, students in their third year and above will be enrolled at Level 3.

Program Fees are billed through Student Financial Services and added to the student account. Annual fees are billed in two installments at the beginning of the fall and spring academic terms.

Program fees are non-refundable. In the case of a voluntary or involuntary leave or withdrawal from RIT, a refund may be made in accordance with Institute policy.

Program fees are reviewed by the university annually and RIT reserves the right to change its price and pricing policies without prior notice.

Financial Aid

Our fees are charged to your student account. This is similar to other ancillary fees and may be covered by anticipated credits (loans, grants, scholarships).

If you have been accepted to our program and have financial concerns, please visit the Financial Support page. You may also email to request information about possible financial assistance options.

Application Process

The Spectrum Support Program serves a finite number of students each year. Admission to RIT does not guarantee a space in the Spectrum Support Program. SSP staff make enrollment decisions based on available space, staffing and program fit. Please note that not all students who request services will be eligible to receive support from SSP. 

Students interested in applying to the Spectrum Support Program can submit an online request once they have accepted an offer of admission from RIT and reserved their place in RIT's entering class. Students must use their RIT computer account and RIT email to complete the application form (below).

Application Timeline

Early Decision RIT Students

  • Review of SSP Applications will begin in January
  • Enrollment offers will be communicated in March
  • Students must sign their Participation Agreement by April 1st

Early Action/Regular Decision RIT Students

  • Review of SSP Applications will begin in April
  • Enrollment offers will be communicated in May
  • Students must sign their Participation Agreement by June 1st
  • Students requesting an SSP application after May 15th will be placed on a waitlist for services

Current RIT Students

  • Fill out an Enrollment Request Form at any time
  • Enrollment offers will be communicated on a rolling basis
  • Students may be placed on a waitlist

SSP Members 

  • Fill out an Enrollment Request Form each year by May 1st
  • Students must sign their Participation Agreement by June 1st
  • Any student submitting an application to the Spectrum Support Program after May 1st will be automatically placed on a waitlist.


Through our application process, we try to establish whether the Spectrum Support Program is a good match for the kind of support you are looking for, or whether there are other resources that might be a better fit. In recent years, the Spectrum Support Program has been able to offer enrollment to about 75% of the students who have applied during the open application period.

There is no advantage for Spectrum Support Program enrollment when students apply to RIT Early Decision. A proportional number of spaces are set aside for RIT Regular Decision students. However, depending on when you receive an offer of admission to RIT, we cannot guarantee that you will be invited to join the program before May 1. We understand that students and families want to consider all their options for going to college, but only RIT students can request to join the Spectrum Support Program.

The Spectrum Support Program has limited space and staff, so we cannot offer coaching to every student who requests it. We also recognize that Spectrum Support Program coaching is not a good fit for every student who comes to RIT. Some students are not interested in the kind of service we offer or motivated to put in the time and effort needed to make it work; likewise, not every student is ready for coaching, or experienced enough to benefit from it and have it make a positive impact on their college experience.

RIT offers many excellent support services for students.

Students wishing to utilize accommodations related to a disability should register with the Disability Services Office.

For information about other resources on campus or in the Rochester community, please contact Case Management.

View RIT’s academic resources for students

Students who wish to attend the Spectrum Support Program Community Meet-up and other social events sponsored by our office, please send an email to and request to be added as a member of the Spectrum Support Program CampusGroups community.

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