2023 Nominees

Congratulations to the Individual Nominees!

Sara Bayerl
Sr Assoc Dir, Student Engagement
Student Affairs

Robert Bonfiglio
Asst Dir for Assessment and Acad Success
Diversity and Inclusion

Frank Davila
Inventory & Purchasing Supervisor
Finance & Administration

Di’Monique George
Assoc Dir, Student Clubs and Organizations
Student Affairs

Gina Lamanna
Research Program Administrator
VP for Research

Jade Laplante
Residence Coordinator
Student Affairs

Catherine Lewis
Director Disability Services
Student Affairs

Jacqueline Ludwig
Program Manager
College of Science

Noah McMullin
Residence Coordinator
Student Affairs

Jarron Mortimer
Student Affairs

Colleen Peterson
Assoc VP Enrollment Management
Enrollment Management

Eric Pope
Assoc Director, Faculty & Program Affairs

Marci Sanders
Sr Staff Asst
College of Science

Adrienne Smith
Assistant Director of Auxiliary Facilities
Finance & Administration

Jenny Sullivan
Director of Education Abroad & International Fellowships

Jennifer Tills
Student Affairs

Bri Vespone
Curriculum Developer

Gene Vogler
Application Analyst, Events Systems
Government and Community Relations

Marykatherine Woodson
Associate Director
Student Affairs

Congratulations to the Team Nominees!

Adjunct and Student Hire Automation Team
Nicole Mirando, Bradley Wanner, William Zimmerman, Rachel Nemeth, Scott Mitchell, Ericka Smith-Schubart, Amanda Henry, Lubomir Culak, Eric Engert, Ron Herreid, Kim Maimone, Lillieth Christopher, and Christa Abugasea

Auxiliary Services Marketing Team
Denishea Ortiz, Shauna Cross, Jacqui Stack, Panagiotis Argitis, Amber Stokes

Dept. of Access Services Scheduling Office
Cynthia Cappa, Lexie Ryan

Integrated Communications – Main Campus Phone Replacement Project Team
Ardelia Parker-Killings, Char Ipacs, Eric Meddaugh, Greg Gardner, Heather Potter, Jim Shanks, Kevin Schoenfeld, Knycos Ferguson, Mason Lezette, Omar Phillips, Robert Heine, Tony Lam, and Mary Jane Schwan.