Notaries at RIT

Please note that an asterisk (*) denotes that the person is working remotely and may not be available on campus.
Advantage Federal Credit Union Global Village    
Lisa Boice, JD Saunders College of Business, Student Services, A-300 Lowenthal Hall 475-6985
Michael Cross* 2102 Gosnell Hall 475-6660
Georgeanne Hogan 1110 Gosnell Hall 475-5774
Gary Prokop 1281 Facilities Management (99) 475-2855
Cha Ron Sattler-LeBlanc 2085 Monroe Hall 475-4731
Gary Skuse 3129 CBT 475-6725
Wayne "Kip" Webster (fluent in ASL) 1582 Hugh L Carey Hall 475-2887