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If you are running into difficulties with your math and physics course(s), your first step should always be to visit your math and physics instructor during office hours or e-mail your instructor to set up an appointment. As a supplement, the ASC provides additional math and physics resources to all RIT students.

In the Academic Support Center you will find:

Math and Physics Flyer
  • Math and Physics tutoring available on a drop-in basis offered at two different locations: Bates and Sol Study Centers.
  • Math and Physics assessment appointment for students encountering difficulty in their classes or for students who have been away from math and physics for a while.
  • Zero-credit Math and Physics Support Courses to help review math skills and physics concepts.
  • Math and Physics handouts to download or pick up in the Bates Study Center (08-1200); topics ranging from algebra to calculus, from kinematics to electronics.
  • ASC recommended websites offering valuable math and physics skills or related information.




Bruce PenningtonBruce Pennington

Student Support Specialist - Math


Office: 2050A Monroe Hall

Justyna OldziejJustyna Oldziej

Student Support Specialist - Math


Office: 2050C Monroe Hall

Burair Kothari

Student Support Specialist - Physics


2080 Monroe Hall