Disability Services Office Update (Coronavirus):

To protect the safety of our staff, students, and faculty, the Disability Services Office staff are working remotely and will not be in the office until further notice. We will be available virtually each weekday between 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Please contact the office at dso@rit.edu or reach out directly to a member of our staff.

For more information regarding critical accessibility considerations for students and faculty in the transition to alternative modes of course delivery, visit our COVID-19 and Accessibility FAQs.

RIT’s Coronavirus information website.

RIT students who require adjustments (formerly referred to as “accommodations”) due to a disability must self-identify and make a request through the Disability Services Office. If academic adjustments are offered, a Disability Services Agreement (DSA) listing the adjustments is created for the student. This document is then emailed to faculty so the approved adjustments can be administered in their classes. Faculty should provide only the adjustments listed on the DSA.

The DSA email is faculty’s notification that the student listed has registered with the DSO and is approved by RIT for the academic adjustments listed in the attached pdf. 

  • DSA emails are sent during the week before the term begins and throughout the term. 
  • Sender: SA-DisabilityServicesOffice@rit.edu 
  • Subject: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT REQUIRED: Disability Services Agreement attached.


Please note faculty responsibilities as listed in the body of the email, in no particular order: 

  • REVIEW the attached agreement
    This is where the adjustment information is contained - these are unique to each student.
  • DISCUSS the agreement with the student
    Students are encouraged to speak to their faculty about their adjustments.  Some students do not know how/when to start the conversation; it is often helpful to reach out to your student(s) and invite them to contact you.
  • ACKNOWLEDGE RECIEPT of each DSA using the unique link in the third bullet point of the email. 
    Acknowledgement is required even if the student has dropped or withdrawn from your class or if the adjustments listed do not apply to your class.


If you have any questions about the DSA acknowledgement process please contact us at 475-6988.

Please don’t offer students academic adjustments beyond what is listed on their DSA. Direct them to discuss this with DSO personnel. The DSA is produced with each individual student based on the student’s request and documentation. If changes are made, an updated DSA will be emailed to you. Please also acknowledge receipt of that updated DSA.