I was failing my classes and out of money
Sanketh standing outside on a Fall day

I had two major problems when I started at RIT. First, I discovered my math was not up to the level expected of an RIT graduate student. My quiz results were disastrous – for a month I couldn’t get a grade of more than 10% on any of them. I felt like a failure.

Then there was a problem with the lease to my apartment and I found myself without a place to live. I couldn’t afford another security deposit with the student loan I was living on. I also couldn’t ask for help from my parents, as they had other financial commitments.

I felt terrible and thought of going home. But ultimately, I realized everyone has problems. Some are big and some are small. I prioritized, made short-term goals and found solutions that acted as answers to multiple problems. I reached out for help in improving my math skills and with hard work I eventually secured a TA position. This helped my financial problems and led to a recommendation for the PhD program in Imagining Science.

This ordinary student from India is well on his way to creating that good life he dreamed of from the beginning.


Graduate student from India