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The world has entered an era of unprecedented natural resource challenges that will require businesses and economies to make fundamental shifts in the way they operate. Meeting the world’s water, food, energy, and material is a top priority as governments and businesses are increasingly concerned about natural resource use, environmental impacts, material prices and supply security. 

GIS helps companies and governments unlock and capture opportunity in energy, water, waste, and material use. We do this through offering practical steps and new technology deployment that create smarter systems, profitability, and competitive advantages. Our work draws from 25 years of applied research helping hundreds of companies transform how they make things for greater performance and efficiency.

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25 years of successful industry collaboration
  • 100+ of annual engagements, spanning:
    • Manufacturing research
    • Technical problem-solving
    • Advance manufacturing technology deployment
    • Product or process innovation
    • Training
  • $12M+ per year in earned, non-tuition revenue from industrial and government engagements.
  • 94+ employees, many with industrial and manufacturing experience
  • Major partnerships with United Nations Environment Program | United States  Department of Energy | United States Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Naval Research | New York State Energy Research and Development Agency | Army Research Labs | New York State Empire State Development | The Clinton Foundation | Ellen MacArthur Foundation | Caterpillar | Xerox | HP | Staples
Our approach
  • GIS engages with companies and government organizations on a variety of technical projects of mutual interest
  • Our work typically focuses on applied, rather than theoretical, manufacturing research in volume production environments Industry-facing
  • We have a dedicated technical and engineering staff w/o academic responsibilities
  • Our work can be confidential/proprietary, collaborative or consortia-driven
  • We work on industry deliverables & deadlines
  • Projects can be done at your location or at our state of the art facilities consist of approximately 225,000 sf of advanced manufacturing facilities, testbeds and equipment
  • We are highly collaborative with external partners
  • We leverage our technical portfolio across multiple industries
  • Our team is highly agile and opportunistic
Solve a technical problem with your product or process
  • All of our engagements are confidential
  • Most of our employees have industrial experience
  • GIS has dedicated professional staff that work exclusively on industrial projects
Access applied research & development expertise
  • GIS is home to several leading interdisciplinary research centers allowing GIS to bring the right mix of talent, expertise and capabilities to every project. Get to know our research initiatives and become involved in the definition of research priorities at our research centers.
  • Areas of expertise by topic.
  • We pursue applied, rather than theoretical, aspects of manufacturing research. Our approach is outcome-focused, multi-disciplinary in nature.
  • Our work leverages the unique engineering and scientific capabilities of GIS to help companies test and validate the feasibility of new ideas.
  • Modeled like a mini national lab, GIS research centers and initiatives focus on solving real world problems in manufacturing/industrial settings for some of the most recognized names in the world.
Access technical programs and resources for NYS businesses & manufacturers

GIS has partnered with the State of New York to help New York State companies with product or process innovation and to unlock and capture opportunity in energy, water, waste, and material use via the following resources:  

  • NYS COE-ASM provides NYS companies with innovation assistance in product design and manufacturing technologies.
  • NYS Pollution Prevention Institute helps NYS companies reduce waste, energy, and water and toxic use, or assess the sustainability of supply chain or as a supplier.
Access advanced manufacturing consortia research and programs
  • GIS partners with many companies and organizations on the development, evaluation and deployment of advanced manufacturing tools and technologies.
  • As a member of several advanced manufacturing institutes and industry consortia, GIS can bring technical and financial resources to a company/partner seeking to use advanced manufacturing technologies to gain a competitive advantage, reduce inefficiencies, train employees and grow new business opportunities. GIS is active in the following:
    • Digital tools & software that enable the “digital thread” across the product lifecycle (DMDII)
    • Sensors, software & systems that enable improved energy efficiency in manufacturing processes (Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute)
    • Technologies, tools, design platforms that enable greater material use efficiency and value recovery from end of life materials (REMADE)
    • Deploy robotic technology by integrating many disciplines – sensor technologies, end-effector development, software,  artificial intelligence, materials science, human/machine behavior modeling, and quality assurance (Advanced Robotics Manufacturing Institute – ARM)
Custom sustainability engagements tailored to achieve individual or organizational goals

GIS develops customized partnerships with businesses seeking to expand opportunities, gain knew knowledge, explore collaborative problem solving, or who simply want to develop a deeper relationship with GIS. These partnerships are tailored around your business or organizational objectives:

Train and develop your workforce

With a clear focus on manufacturing sustainability, GIS has developed a suite of innovative learning mechanisms to enable your corporate sustainability strategies by developing the knowledge and the capabilities that will meet your present and future challenges of environmental management, such as:

  • Corporate Sustainability – Overarching programs that cover multiple topics
  • RemanU®
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy Systems
  • Productivity
  • Printing Applications & Technologies
  • Environmental Compliance & Pollution Prevention
Recruit top students

GIS can help companies improve their talent pipeline by recruiting some of the nation’s top students in sustainable energy, sustainable manufacturing and sustainable design for co-op, intern, and full-time positions.

  • Get to know our world-class faculty and become involved in the definition of research priorities at our research centers.
  • Hire students and alumni that bring cutting-edge sustainability knowledge and research leadership skills into your company.
CIMS conference room audience
Instructional Areas

Golisano Institute for Sustainability includes several instructional areas, which may occasionally be utilized for sustainabilty-related events or training. If you are looking for a location to host your event or meeting, we may be able to accomodate your request. Room options range from small meeting rooms to a conference center seating up to 400, with state-of-the-art technology capabilities including integrated audio-visual equipment, BlueJeans installations, and 3D simulation.

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