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The Golisano Institute for Sustainability (GIS) is a global leader in sustainability education and research that partners with business and government sponsors to solve complex, systemic problems. Our Sustainability Insider newsletter connects you to expert insights on trending sustainability topics along with deep dives into new research at GIS.

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Deep Dives

Go deeper on the sustainability issues facing the world today.

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Sustainability Insights

Build your knowledge on emerging trends in sustainability.

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Expert Tips

Get expert tips on how to move forward on sustainability.

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Sustainability in Practice

Learn from the people who are making sustainability work on the ground.

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Research Impact Stories

See how GIS is putting technology and innovation to work for a sustainable future.


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Past Editions

November 2023

Hydrogen-powered drones, fighting food waste with flies, and more.

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June 2023

New paths to circularity, Scope 3 for SMEs & more.

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February 2023

Data power for SMEs, Andrew Morlet, reman for sustainability & more.

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November 2022

Teaching climate resiliency, NY Climate Act & SMEs, shrinking food waste & more.

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July 2022

Recharging electricity access, John Deere Reman, cleantech startups & more.

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SPECIAL EDITION - Reman Day 2022

Learn about our work and the larger trends facing the sector in this special Reman Day edition of our newsletter.

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April 2022

REMADE 5 years on, thermal simulation, news, updates & more.

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January 2022

Rethinking subsidies for residential solar, circular economy for EVs, mainstreaming additive repair, and more.

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October 2021

Future of consumer electronics, growing remanufacturing, investments in Industry 4.0, and more.

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June 2021

Industry 4.0, new digital manufacturing program, food waste reduction, and more.

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March 2021

Edible sustainability, biochar, hydrogen energy, U.N. remanufacturing efforts, and more.

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November 2020

Future of clean energy, sustainability education, food waste efforts, and more.

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July 2020

Post-COVID sustainability, intro to life cycle analysis, testing masks, and more.

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April 2020

Defining remanufacturing, innovating food waste, sustainability data insights, and more.

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