Our research crosses many disciplines to give our partners the technological innovation, strategic analysis, and knowledge to solve complex sustainability challenges.

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Our approach

We look at a problem from every angle to uncover unseen opportunities for our partners, leveraging deep expertise in the applied sciences, industrial engineering, and economic policy.

Our partners

We have a long—and growing—track record of successful partnerships with the industry, government, and research leaders who are solving complex challenges to sustainability.

Our model

Our hybrid model blends academic and applied research to put the knowledge and resources of a world-renowned university to work for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Research Focus Areas

We concentrate on pivotal sectors of the economy to find immediate and long-term pathways to industrial sustainability. The range of our work represents the broad spectrum of industry and academic expertise that our team of researchers and faculty offers.

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We brought together the largest consortia of business, government, and academia to advance promising circular economy technologies in the U.S.—the REMADE Institute.

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