Careers at Golisano Institute for Sustainability

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Meet the needs of a fast-growing world with us.

The Golisano Institute for Sustainability (GIS) is a leading sustainability research and education organization at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Our institute is focused on finding novel ways to translate interdisciplinary research and education into the ideas, technologies, and connections that are helping decision-makers to meet the world’s growing needs.

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Help the world move forward on sustainability with us.

Our six industry-facing applied research centers focus on sustainable manufacturing, energy, transportation, and buildings. Each year, more than 100 companies, government agencies, and other organizations engage GIS’s research centers to put technology and innovation to work for a sustainable future.

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Solve for sustainability with us.

Simple, easy answers don’t work when it comes to solving challenges like climate change or the energy transition. That’s why we are systems-level thinkers. Our goal at every step is to find sustainable and profitable pathways that allow more people to live better lives without exhausting the finite resources of our planet.

An RIT staff member showing off equipment at a Remade event.

Get things done with us.

We are innovative problem-solvers and doers. Behind our work are some of today’s brightest minds in sustainable development. Our industry-seasoned engineers, technicians, and researchers work hand-in-hand with the institute’s internationally renowned academic faculty to advance the ideas and technologies shaping what sustainability will look like tomorrow.

A researcher working with a student in the Sustainable Building Materials Lab.

Work—and grow—with us.

We are the perfect fit for professionals from across industry and academia in search of a uniquely dynamic, hands-on working environment that is driven at every level by problem-solving. Our faculty, researchers, and staff value the many opportunities to contribute their talents and hone their skills that our growing, project-based organization offers.

Staff Positions

Materials Staff Engineer (5653BR)
The Materials Staff Engineer will support existing research projects focused on sustainable manufacturing, repair, and remanufacturing of structural metallic components, with focus on: surface modification, additive manufacturing, and condition assessment/non-destructive evaluation.

Remanufacturing Technical Program Manager (5719BR)
The Remanufacturing Technical Program Manager will lead and expand the remanufacturing research program at GIS.  Responsibilities will include developing a business plan and growing laboratory facilities supporting reman research and development, and leading outreach/business development with companies and government agencies.

Materials Post Doc (5655BR)
The Materials Post-Doctoral Fellow will support existing projects by investigating ultrasonic surface modification of carbon alloy steels. Responsibilities will include assisting with development of proposals for external funding related to sustainable manufacturing and life-cycle extension, performing and managing material analysis, and providing materials expertise to support sustainable product design efforts.

Technical Program Manager, Green Chemistry (5774BR)
The Technical Program Manager, Green Chemistry will leverage their knowledge of green chemistry concepts, key issues facing industry and consumers, program management skills, and relevant funding sources to grow the NYSP2I green chemistry program.

Digital Marketing & Communications Manager (6107BR)
The Digital Marketing & Communications Manager will lead and implement the digital strategy for all of GIS programs and research centers. This position will also be directly responsible for coordinating all marketing and outreach efforts for the academic recruitment efforts at GIS.

Senior Prognostics and Health Management Engineer (6177BR)
The Senior Prognostics and Health Management Engineer will 1) conduct and manage research and development projects focused on PHM or data analytics in a variety of different application areas 2) Analyze the function and performance of electro-mechanical systems including failure modes 3) Develop models and algorithms to assess the condition of electromechanical systems. Candidate should be comfortable with empirical lab or field work, as well as with simulation and modeling tools in their educational domain area 4) Support or lead development of government and industry proposals for external funding 5) Prepare and present/publish research results

Director, Recycling Research Program (6388BR)
The Director of the Recycling Research Program will be responsible for the growth, management, and operation of the Recycling program at GIS. This position will be responsible for the financial vitality of the program, along with developing strong relationships with Industry, research sponsors, and potential stakeholders. The primary technical focus will be on developing new approaches to technical challenges and conducting applied research in the area of recycling. This position will work with the GIS Director and the GIS Technical Director (as well as other research faculty and staff) to develop new research initiatives and research capabilities in design for re-X, remanufacturing, and the Circular Economy construct.

Senior Financial Analyst - GIS (6665BR)
The Senior Financial Analyst will be responsible for tracking and monitoring financial transactions for projects and preparing financial reports including project forecasting. This position involves assisting with day to day administration of operating and academic accounts, which includes reviewing of monthly journal entries, providing expense details for sponsor reporting, and ensuring all sponsor invoices are completed on time.

Senior Program Administrator (6392BR)
The Senior Program Administrator is responsible for grant and contract management as well as project management support for the Center of Excellence in Advanced and Sustainable Manufacturing (COE-ASM) and Industry 4.0 Transition Assistance Program of GIS. This position collaborates on strategic planning for COE-ASM and development of the annual work plan and commercialization plan.

Graduate Recruitment & Marketing Manager – GIS (6598BR)
The Graduate Recruitment and Marketing Manager is responsible for providing leadership for
GIS in the development of recruitment strategies that will increase the number of enrolled
graduate students. This position will lead all facets of GIS –level prospective student recruiting,
marketing strategies, initiatives, programs and events.

Faculty Positions

There are no positions open at this time.