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Focus Areas

The faculty and students in Microelectronic Engineering are engaged in research in a broad range of interdisciplinary fields which can be roughly divided into five different categories. The first area is Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS or Microsystems). MEMS sensors include, biological, chemical, and physical sensors with integrated CMOS electronics. The second is advanced compound semiconductor devices, processes and circuits. The third is application of new materials and characterization techniques to advance electronic devices. The fourth is advanced integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing including; design, simulation, fabrication, characterization, statistical analysis and testing. The fifth area is micro/nano educational outreach at all levels.

These research areas can be viewed as cutting across many more general research challenges in areas of health care, transportation, energy and communication technologies. Our faculty routinely partner with faculty from other colleges internal and external to RIT to enable their work by leveraging our micro-fabrication expertise. Faculty work with high school students (summers), undergraduate students, masters and PhD students.

Please visit our faculty page to see what research areas individual faculty members are involved in.