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Grade Exclusion

  • Grade Exclusions: Grades Policy D5.0 (Applied to Academic Year 2012-2013)
    • After consulting with their new academic unit, degree-seeking undergraduate students who have changed their academic major to another undergraduate major have the ability to formally request to exclude grades from the calculation of their term and cumulative GPA for courses not required by the major.
    •  Grades for courses that were part of an earlier completed program (certificate, diploma, associate or bachelor’s degree) are not eligible for exclusion. 
    • All courses that are excluded from a student's term and cumulative GPA calculations remain on a student's transcript, academic advising report and student records and will be marked as excluded.
    • Grade exclusion does not apply to courses taken at other institutions. All grades will remain on official and unofficial transcripts with a notation indicating that the grade is excluded from the GPA statistics.
    • Grade exclusions do not affect the student’s quarterly or semester GPA. Additionally, when a course is excluded any earned credits associated with that course are also excluded.
    • Grade exclusions are limited to a maximum of 24 quarter credit hours or to a maximum of 18 semester credit hours. Grade exclusion requests can be initiated by the student through his/her academic advisor at any time before a student is certified for his/her degree.
    •  Exclusions require consultation and approval of the student’s primary academic department. Any student who wishes to exclude grades form courses that total more than 24 units must have the approval of the Sr Asst Provost and Asst VP for Academic Affairs
    • Grade exclusions may be removed (un-excluded) with permission from the student's academic unit.
    • If a student subsequently elects to repeat a previously excluded course the exclusion will be removed and the repeat policy will be enforced. No grade exclusions or re-inclusions may occur once a degree has been certified for completion.
    • Questions about how a grade exclusion may affect financial aid should be discussed with the student’s financial aid counselor.
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