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The length of one term of service on the Academic Senate is 3 years. One cannot serve more than two terms (6 years) consecutively.

*AY2019 University Council (UC) Faculty Members from the Academic Senate

President David Munson Ex officio, Non-voting
Ellen Granberg Provost and Senior VP for Academic Affairs
Cathy Clarke Staff Council, Chair
Lindsay Vallone Staff Council Vice Chair, SC Alternate
Anika Aftab Student Government President
Liam Megraw Student Government Vice President,  SG Alternate


Vice President

Ryne Raffaelle VP for Research (2019-2022) [1st Term]


Associate Provost & Wallace Library Director [Ex Officio, Non-Voting]

Carmala Garzione   Associate Provost 
Marcia Trauernicht   Director of the RIT Libraries


Chief Diversity Officer [Ex Officio, Non-Voting]

Keith Jenkins VP and Associate Provost for Diversity & Inclusion


Deans - Appointed by the Provost

Anne Haake (GCCIS) 2017-2020 (1st Term)
Dan Ornt (CHST) 2019-2022 (2nd Term)
Alt: Another Dean when available    


C.E.T (College of Engineering Technology) 

Dan Johnson 2019-2020 (Completing Rick Lagiewski's first term)
Scott Wolcott 2019-2022 (1st Term) 
George Zion* 2018-2021 (2nd Term)
Alt: Josh Goldowitz 2018-2021 (1st Term)
Alt: Bill Johnson 2019-2022 (1st Term)


C.H.S.T (College of Health Sciences & Technology)

Dick Doolittle* 2018-2020 (Completing K. Waterstram-Rich's 1st term)
Alt: Heidi Miller 2018-2020 (Completing H. Ghazle's 1st term)


C.A.D (College of Art & Design) 

Mitch Goldstein 2017-2020 (1st Term)
Atia Newman* 2019-2022 (1st Term)
Heidi Nickisher, Chair*  2018-2021 (2nd Term)
Tim Wood  2019-2022 (1st Term)
Alt: Patti Russotti 2019-2022 (2nd Term) 
Alt: Melissa Warp 2019-2022 (1st Term)


College of Liberal Arts (CLA)

Suzanne Bamonto* 2018-2021 (1st Term)
Juilee Decker 2019-2022 (1st  Term)
Tim Engström, Vice Chair 2017-2020 (1st Term)
Rich Newman 2019-2022 (1st Term)
Michael Ruhling 2017-2020 (1st Term)
Ulrike Stroszeck AY2019 ( Alt. for Rich Newman)
Alt: Ben Banta 2019-2022 (1st Term)
Alt: Elisabetta D'Amanda 2019-2022 (1st Term)
Alt: Sean Grass 2019-2022 (1st Term)


College of Science

Christopher Collison* (UC rep – Fall) 2017-2020 (2nd Term) 
Patricia Diute 2018-2021 (1st Term)
Joshua Faber 2018-2021 (1st Term)
Carl Lutzer* (UC - Spring) 2017-2020 (1st Term)
Carol Marchetti, Operations Officer 2017-2020 (1st Term)
Alt: David Barth-Hart 2019-2022 (1st Term)



Owen Gottlieb, Treasurer 2018-2021 (1st Term)
Daniel Krutz* 2019-2022 (1st Term)
Sam Malachowsky 2019-2022 (1st Term)
Phil White 2017-2020  (1st Term)
Alt: Liz Lawley 2019-2020 (1st Term) 
Alt. David Simkins 2019-2022 (1st Term)



Eric Williams* 2019 – 2022  (1st Term)  
Alt: Thomas Trabold 2019 – 2022  (1st Term)  


Kate Gleason College of Engineering

Margaret Bailey, Communications* 2019-2022 (1st Term)
Marcos Esterman 2017-2020  (1st Term)
Marcin Lukowiak 2018-2021 (2nd Term)
Jayanti Venkataraman 2017-2020 (1st Term)
Alt.: Brian Landi 2017-2020 (1st Term)
Alt.: Eli Saber 2018-2021 (1st Term)



Jessica Cuculick* 2018-2021 (2nd Term)
Austin Gehret 2017-2020 (1st Term)
Pam Kincheloe 2018-2021 (1st Term)
Dino Laury 2017-2020 (1st Term)
Alt: Kim Kurz 2017-2020 (1st Term)
Alt: Charlotte Thoms 2017-2020 (2nd Term)


Saunders College of Business

John Ettlie
2018-2021 (1st Term)
Clyde Hull* 2019-2022 (2nd Term)
Alt.: Archana Jain 2019-2020