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Joseph Bochner

Cultural and Creative Studies
National Technical Institute for the Deaf

2020 Submissions

Journal Paper

Nordhaus, Jason, et al. "AstroDance: Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students in Astrophysics via Multimedia Perfornamces." Journal of Science Education for Students with Disabilities. (2020): 1-14. Web. *

Uninvited Presentations

Bochner, Joseph and Vincent Samar. "Categorical Perception In Cochlear Implant Users With Early-onset Deafness." International Conference on Education of the Deaf --- Conference Cancelled. ICED --- Conference Cancelled. Brisbane, Australia. 6 Jul. 2020. Conference Presentation. *

Full Patent

Bochner, Joseph H and Wayne M Garrison. "Method for Determining Hearing Thresholds in the Absence of Pure-Tone Testing." U.S. Patent US 10,786,184 B2. 29 Sep. 2020.

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