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How to Create Honors Courses


Questions for faculty and students to consider when creating an Honors course This is not meant to be either an inclusive or an exclusive list but rather a list of things that need to either be considered or accomplished before a new Honors course can be introduced.


  1. Who will take this course?
    1. Identify students who meet the prerequisites.
    2. Consider how the new course may fit into a student’s program of study.
    3. Keep in mind that courses that only appeal to a few students will be difficult to fill.
    4. Confer with the Honors Program to identify times to offer the course in order to avoid potential scheduling conflicts.
  2. What semester will the course be offered?
    1. Students need to know about new courses at least one semester in advance.
    2. The Honors Program publishes a list of Honors courses for the following academic year in April. To be included in this list, the Honors Program needs the following:
      1. Course description
      2. Semester and time offered
      3. Name of instructor with contact information.
    3. If the new course is a substitute for a required course, it should be offered during the same semester as that required course.
  3. Some general points to consider:
    1. What makes this an Honors course (enriched learning, interdisciplinary content, etc.)?
    2. What is the maximum enrollment allowed and what is the desired enrollment?
    3. Will this class meet general education requirements for RIT?
      1. General education (offered by COS or CLA)
      2. General education approved by ICC
    4. If it is a science course, will it count as a laboratory science course?
    5. If it is not approved as a general education course, could it be approved as one later?
  4. How will this class be advertised?
    1. On SIS (through the proposing faculty member’s home department).
    2. On the Honors website. Send it to
    3. Through posters placed throughout campus by faculty.
    4. Through directed e-mail messages to Honors students.
  5. What else can be done to improve total enrollment in this class?
    1. Post an interesting and inviting course description on the Honors website.
    2. Encourage appropriately prepared non-Honors students to take the class.
      1. Non-Honors students must complete a request to take an Honors course, obtain the signature of the instructor and return the form to the Honors Program office in  Global Village 2030.
      2. Non-Honors students are typically expected to have the same grade point average expected of Honors students (i.e. 3.5 or above).
      3. All enrollment of non-Honors students is by permission of instructor.
      4. Registration of non-Honors students for an Honors course is done through the faculty’s department.



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May 2018