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The Institute Writing Committee (IWC) is a standing committee of the RIT Academic Senate, charged to review and approve Writing Intensive Courses and to make recommendations regarding a Writing Across the Curriculum program that supports the RIT Writing Policy.

The IWC encourages the RIT community to engage with this process in the practice, teaching, and study of writing.

Let us know how students in your classes and programs learn to write for academic and professional purposes. From that starting point we can all improve RIT students' professional literacies and their excellence in writing.


Writing Across the Curriculum (or WAC) has a 30+ year history in US higher education. Throughout its history, WAC has shown that effective writing instruction extends throughout all years of a student's undergraduate education, and spreads out across general education and in all the major programs.

Learning from this history, we believe that:

  • Writing practice fosters critical thinking.
  • Writing is a complex activity that must be continually adapted to the particular needs of disciplinary, multidisciplinary, and professional contexts.
  • Writing competencies are essential for graduates to secure jobs, advance in their given professions, and participate in all forms of civic life.
  • Given the new digital revolution and the new communicative practices that have emerged, writing in higher education must successfully engage this revolution.

RIT's Writing Intensive Curriculum follows this approach to WAC by embedding Writing Intensive courses throughout the curriculum and strategically designing these to provide students opportunities to learn to write in courses with substantive content. A comprehensive WAC program enhances student learning as well as competency in writing.

The Institute Writing Policy with specific WI Criteria will help instructors and departments meet the Policy Requirements and design Writing Intensive courses with the stated criteria. This site is a place to learn more about the WI Course Development and the WI Submission Process.