AdvanceRIT supports the recruitment, retention, and advancement of a diverse faculty by establishing and/or supporting faculty networks that support these goals.

CREW Connections

CREW Connections provide pre-tenured women faculty an informal forum for networking, skill-building, and developing strategies for career success, as well as an opportunity for pre-tenure women faculty to meet senior faculty and discuss topics related to career success. 

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Learn more about the Council for the Representation & Engagement of Women Faculty (CREW) 

AdvanceRIT Learning Circles

The goal of this teaching circle is to develop skills and strategies for women faculty to have a successful career and a well-balanced life. This teaching circle will utilize guided activities and discussion, build connections across the university, and provide the opportunity to build a network of potential new mentors, collaborators, and sponsors across campus.

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Advocates and Allies

The Advocates and Allies project is based on an innovative approach designed by North Dakota State University to involve faculty men intentionally in the transformation of departmental cultures and practices. Our method, based on the NDSU approach, is specifically designed for academic settings to support men faculty, in consultation with women faculty, in gender-equity efforts.

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Promotion Package Preparation Groups

Since 2016, AdvanceRIT and partners including Faculty Career Development have facilitated the formation of peer mentoring groups for faculty who will be preparing their materials for promotion review. These peer support groups are referred to as Promotion Package Preparation Groups, or simply P³ Groups, and are formed each spring.

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University Support

There are several groups across the university that also support women faculty at RIT.

Women in Science (WISe) 
Women and Gender Studies 
President’s Commission on Women
Women’s Council of RIT