DDI Tutoring Program

The Division of Diversity & Inclusion (DDI) Tutoring Program is an opportunity for students involved with DDI programs to receive academic support and course guidance from their peers those students who are also involved with DDI programs.

DDI Tutoring provides academic tutoring to students participating in DDI support unit programs (MCAS, HEOP, FSP, CSTEP, McNair/LSAMP, I'm First) in any subject area, but particularly in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses and those courses that traditionally challenge the populations of students who participate in DDI programs. Peer-to-peer tutoring is a best practice approach for helping improve retention and graduation rates for underserved students.

Drop-in Tutoring

Need help with that math homework? Struggling with a concept for your biology exam? Want an environment to do work with help close at hand? Then check out DDI Drop In Tutoring!

Spring Tutor Schedule

  • Monday- Unity House, Eugene Colby Hall
  • Tuesday- MCAS Office, SAU 2300
  • Wednesday- MCAS Office, SAU 2300
  • Thursday- MCAS Office, SAU 2300
  • Friday- MCAS Office, SAU 2300

Student Group Requests

Are you interested in having a tutoring session available to members of your organization? Interested in partnering with your peers to provide academic support to those who would like to improve grades? We can create tutoring partnerships with your organization. These sessions may be in collaboration with other organizations based on demand and resources. Please contact Megan Tornow (metnsc@rit.edu) if your group would be interested and to find out more information.


“DDI tutoring has been an important part of my semester. I often went to receive help with Programming and Calculus. Classes usually have 25+ students, so it is not possible for one professor to sit down and assist each one of his or her students with problems. The one-on-one interaction you get from DDI tutoring is very helpful. The tutors there are encouraging, kind, and knowledgeable. They work with you step by step explaining the problem. DDI tutoring is a great program that has successfully enhanced my learning and has greatly improved my grades.” - Sarah Clayton ‘19