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Phillippa Thiuri

AVP for Academic Access and Success

Diversity and Inclusion


BA, Mount Holyoke College; M.Ed., Harvard University; Ph.D., Boston College

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Thuiri, P., (2019). Mentoring Women: Faculty of Color in Predominantly White Institutions--A Fireside Chat. National Association of African American Studies.

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3 Credits
This course applies concepts of ethics to business at the macro level and at the micro level. At the macro level the course examines competing business ideologies exploring the ethical concerns of capitalism as well as the role of business in society. At the micro level the course examines the role of the manager in establishing an ethical climate with an emphasis on the development of ethical leadership in business organizations. The following topics are typically discussed: the stakeholder theory of the firm, corporate governance, marketing and advertising ethics, the rights and responsibilities of employees, product safety, ethical reasoning, business's responsibility to the environment, moving from a culture of compliance to a culture of integrity, and ethical leadership.
3 Credits
The Customer Centricity course develops the learners ability to help their organization manage its interactions with its valued customers across multiple channels, maximize revenue opportunities, build foundations to increase customer satisfaction, and drive customer retention and loyalty.
1 - 6 Credits
A thesis is based on experimental evidence obtained by the candidate in an appropriate topic demonstrating the extension of theory into practice. A written proposal which is defended and authorized by the faculty adviser/committee followed by a formal written thesis and oral presentation of findings are required. Typically the candidate will have completed research methods, data analysis, and graduate writing strategies prior to enrolling in this course and will start the thesis process by taking thesis planning as soon as they have completed the prerequisites to allow them to finish the thesis when they have finished their coursework. The candidate must obtain the approval of their graduate adviser who will guide the thesis before registering for this course.
3 - 4 Credits
The purpose of this course is to provide students the opportunity to conduct research, develop a plan and evaluation components and submit the project as a demonstration of final proficiency in the program. The topic selected by the student will be guided by the faculty teaching the class and it will require the student to coalesce and incorporate into the final project a culmination of all their course work in the program to date.

In the News

  • February 27, 2023

    Beyond the Ratio poster for RIT celebration for women. Simple line drawings of women's faces.

    Events planned at RIT to commemorate Women’s History Month

    Several organizations at RIT, including the new President’s Commission on Women, are putting together a month of events to celebrate Women’s History Month and women in the RIT community, including panel discussions, one-on-one talks, self-empowerment, music, a trip to Seneca Falls, and more.

  • April 26, 2022

    three students posing for a photo.

    First graduates from RIT’s partner charter school poised to receive their RIT degrees

    A trio of trailblazing students who came to RIT from the university’s partner charter school will fulfill a long-term promise when they receive their college degrees at commencement this May. Zaid Abdulsalam, Ismael Cortes Jr., and Justice Marbury were among the first students to enroll at Rochester Prep High School, and they were the three students from the first graduating class in 2018 who chose RIT as their destination.

  • March 22, 2022

    student standing on a mountain overlooking the city of Dubrovnik.

    Division of Diversity and Inclusion launches new study abroad trip to Croatia

    The coronavirus pandemic derailed Jude Seunarine’s study abroad plans for more than two years, but he finally got his chance during spring break. Seunarine was one of 10 students who flew to RIT’s campus in Dubrovnik and spent a week travelling the region and learning about its history and culture.