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Phillippa Thiuri

AVP for Academic Access and Success

Diversity and Inclusion

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Phillippa Thiuri

AVP for Academic Access and Success

Diversity and Inclusion


BA, Mount Holyoke College; M.Ed., Harvard University; Ph.D., Boston College

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Thuiri, P., (2019). Mentoring Women: Faculty of Color in Predominantly White Institutions--A Fireside Chat. National Association of African American Studies.

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3 Credits
Leadership today is challenging at best when considering all the complexities of the 21st century work environment. In this course students will explore, discuss and practice effective strategies and behaviors to lead others, teams and organizations for high performance. Areas of focus include: leadership roles, theories and styles, creating a shared vision, coaching skills, teamwork and group dynamics, cultural communication and influence, and ethical decision making. Course work will include extensive readings, case studies, written reports, small group projects, presentations and reflections.
3 Credits
This variable topic course examines one or more themes, figures, movements, critical questions or issues in the areas of women's and gender studies. The topic for the course is chosen by the instructor, announced in the course subtitle, and developed in the syllabus. Topics in WGST can be taken multiple times provided the topic(s) being studied has changed.

In the News

  • February 27, 2023

    Beyond the Ratio poster for RIT celebration for women. Simple line drawings of women's faces.

    Events planned at RIT to commemorate Women’s History Month

    Several organizations at RIT, including the new President’s Commission on Women, are putting together a month of events to celebrate Women’s History Month and women in the RIT community, including panel discussions, one-on-one talks, self-empowerment, music, a trip to Seneca Falls, and more.

  • April 26, 2022

    three students posing for a photo.

    First graduates from RIT’s partner charter school poised to receive their RIT degrees

    A trio of trailblazing students who came to RIT from the university’s partner charter school will fulfill a long-term promise when they receive their college degrees at commencement this May. Zaid Abdulsalam, Ismael Cortes Jr., and Justice Marbury were among the first students to enroll at Rochester Prep High School, and they were the three students from the first graduating class in 2018 who chose RIT as their destination.