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As a student of ethnic descent, do I automatically qualify for HEOP admission?
No. HEOP is not what's known as a "minority access program;" rather, it is an access program that was established in 1969 by the State Education Department (SED) to provide access, but principally academic support, for any qualifying New York State student-that is, one who meets both academic and economic eligibility standards.

How is it that my brother (sister) qualified for HEOP support but I don't, even though our household size and income have remained constant?
Again, remember that HEOP students must qualify, not only economically but also academically. The guidelines for HEOP admission at RIT vary from college to college but are all based on HEOP students being inadmissible under RIT's regular academic admission guidelines.

Why didn't I receive any financial support from HEOP when I transferred from my other college and was accepted into the RIT major of my choice?
HEOP acceptance depends upon the availability of both space and funds. You must check with the HEOP office prior to entry to find out if transfer students are being accepted for the semester you plan to enter RIT. At this time, RIT’s Higher Education Opportunity Program is accepting applications for transfer students; however, space is very limited and openings are dependent on freshmen class enrollment.

I didn't know about HEOP when I first started college, and I think I was eligible. Can I apply now?
No. Unfortunately, there are cases where eligible students were not aware of programs such as HEOP or who did not realize that HEOP is designed for first-time college students who have not taken college courses for credit after graduation from high school. If you have already earned college credits, you are not eligible to receive HEOP support services.

Now that I am an admitted HEOP student, will I (or my family) have to provide any money in order to attend RIT?
Yes. There is a personal contribution expected of each HEOP student and/or his/her family. The amount is determined in RIT's Financial Aid Office by evaluating several factors, including the household's previous year's gross income, the number of students attending college, participation in the college work study program, the student's ability to earn money during the summer, or through co-ops and other factors related to the household's financial resources. Also, remember that only half of the personal contribution is due at the beginning of each semester.

I would like to graduate early; will HEOP help me pay for summer school?
Financial aid awards are based on two semesters of attendance for up to 10 semesters. HEOP does not provide funding or academic support services for summer classes. Students may enroll in summer classes at their own expense.