Second annual Together RIT to focus on gender and sexuality

Registration is open for the event scheduled for Friday, Oct. 20

The second annual Together RIT: A Day of Dialogue is set for 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday, Oct. 20, with this year’s programming centered on gender and sexuality. Registration is now open.

Together RIT gathers the campus community and creates space to ask questions, empathize, build solidarity, and give recognition to the following current and future social issues: coexistence of multiple genders, the role of violence in men’s lives, trans access in athletics, gender bias in the classroom, and policies that curb some marginalized sexualities’ ability to love who they want. The event is also a time to highlight the positive contributions, joy, and pride that all genders experience or can offer to our campus.

“This year’s theme was chosen in part due to input from last year’s post-event evaluation,” said Taj Smith, executive director for Culture and Diversity Education. “The other reason was to acknowledge the political tensions and lack of education surrounding gender and sexuality in this country and beyond. I look forward to seeing students, staff, and faculty participating throughout the day. I encourage faculty to offer extra credit for attending and for managers to support employees who want to engage in this professional development opportunity.”

The opening panel will set the stage for the day by offering some perspectives on gender and sexuality at RIT. The panel will be moderated by professor Amy Adrion. The panelists are Dean Doreen Edwards, Jase Rivera (staff), Leah Dibble (student), Denishea Ortiz (staff), Peter Zellers (student) and Scott Sheehan (staff).

Various presentations and discussions are offered throughout the day that provide RIT faculty, staff, students, and alumni with the opportunity to share their work, passions, ideas, informed critiques, initiatives, performances, and artistic projects. This year, sessions are organized into the themes of understanding, solidarity, or gender recognition, equity, and justice.

The closing session will feature five interactive opportunities in the Student Hall for Exploration and Development (SHED). There will be a DJ, a Sunshine 2.0 performance, an opportunity to “play with gender” through clothing, a volunteer project, and a space to process the day. An assortment of desserts will also be provided.

The full program is available to view on the Together RIT website along with registration information. Registration is required for all sessions and will close at noon on Tuesday, Oct. 17.

This is the second year RIT has hosted the event. The inaugural program in 2022 centered on race, ethnicity, and racism.


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