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Breaking Bread

Listen here: RIT Intersections Podcast Ep. 35: Breaking Bread 

It’s been said that diversity happens when people of different backgrounds share space in a community, but inclusion only happens when they spend quality time together. In today’s edition of Intersections: The RIT Podcast, Taj Smith, director of diversity education at RIT, talks with Stephanie Rankin, director of foundation relations, about her participation in the Breaking Bread program, which helps faculty and staff bridge the diversity gap and build real relationships.

Cultural Humility Certificate Workshops

Quotes from Participants

“The process of hearing each other’s stories helped me to better understand my partner. I hope to incorporate this concept into class discussions by inviting different perspectives.” (Faculty)

“Microaggression could be done with or without intention of aggression.” (Faculty)

“I’m so impressed what RIT offers. In my previous job in the health industry, we didn’t have anything like this.” (Staff)

“In many ways, I was already aware of privilege I have. But this workshop highlighted other areas where I have not been as aware that many different examples of privilege that exist.” (Staff)