ECCO Center

The ECCO Center diversity initiatives and programs at RIT is dedicated to expanding the representation of AALANA engineers and preparing students for leadership roles within the engineering profession.

The ECCO Center —Engineers of Color Creating Opportunities—provides diversity initiatives and programs devoted to increasing the number of underrepresented African American, Latino American and Native American (AALANA) student engineers in the college. Supporting successful graduation rates, providing community service opportunities, and preparing these students for leadership roles within the engineering profession.

A series of programs and events throughout the academic year will be committed to enhancing the educational experiences of the AALANA engineering students while providing student networking and relationship building opportunities.


The African American, Latino American, and Native American (AALANA) population of students in engineering have traditionally been underrepresented. The Kate Gleason College of Engineering at RIT noted, 5.4% Hispanic, 6.9% Asian, 3.1% African-American, 1.8% mixed race, 24% unknown, .2% American Indian in the 2014 fall enrollment class. ECCO exists to address the underrepresentation of these populations of students,with a particular focus on African American and Hispanic students in Engineering.

ECCO on the Move

An early move-in experience for Kate Gleason College of Engineering incoming African American, Latino American and Native American (AALANA) engineering students.
This is a unique early move-in experience held before RIT’s freshmen orientation, to prepare students for triumph and increase self-reliance! Students get to move in early, become familiar with engineering faculty and lab facilities and make new lifetime friends. Current AALANA engineering students guide and facilitate the program activities.
This program is for KGCOE incoming freshmen and transfer AALANA students in the following engineering majors: Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, Industrial, Chemical, Microelectronics, Biomedical, and Exploration.

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ECCO Experience

The ECCO Experience (April 3, 2020) is a fun, informative and social overnight experience for accepted KGCOE African America, Latin American, and Native American (AALANA) engineering students held in advance of the RIT Accepted Student Open House on April 4th. 

Registration for the 2020 ECCO Experience taking place on April 3, 2020, is required by March 31, 2020. The program is offered free of charge to invited students and includes student meals, activities, a t-shirt, and overnight accommodations for students. 



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Student Organizations

Student chapters of the following professional organizations have a variety of events throughout the academic year and provide students with great networking opportunities.

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