The RIT Integrated Photonics Group develops Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) for high performance computing, communication, and sensing systems.

What We Do

Photon Source - Interferometrically Coupled Ring Resonator

Quantum Integrated Photonics

We are developing Quantum-PICs (Q-PICs) for Quantum computing, communication and sensing applications. The Q-PICs are optimized to have ultra-low loss devices for generating, entangling, manipulating and detecting photonics quantum bits (qubits).


Visible wavelength PIC Characterization

Visible Integrated Photonics

Visible wavelength PICs are key for quantum, sensing, display, AR/VR applications. Our group is realizing visible wavelengths PICs based on Silicon Nitride and wide bandgap semiconductors.

Quantum Dot Laser on a Silicon Photonic PIC

Hybrid/Heterogeneous Integration

High performance PICs require the integration of light sources, electro-optic and nonlinear optical materials, and electronic chips. We are developing approaches for integrating these materials (III-V's, Lithium Niobate and more) & devices onto silicon photonic PICs at both the die and wafer level.

Packaged PIC - Integrated on an interposer with an attached fiber array.

PIC Packaging

Packaging PICs remains one of the most significant challenges of realizing complex PIC functionalities and deploying them into systems. We have the equipment and processes for complete packaging, including, fiber attachment, die bonding, wire bonding, flip-chip integration. The key packaging equipment we have at RIT include a ficonTEC CL1500 fiber attach & microassembly system (single fibers, fiber arrays, microlens arrays), Vanguard Automation SONATA 1000 for Photonic Wire Bonding system, and X-celeprint (Xdisplay) Micro-Transfer Printing System.

Students testing a PIC wafer fabricated at RIT

Education and Workforce Development

Our group is committed to the education and training of an emerging integrated photonics workforce. Professor Preble teaches courses and offers workshops that cover the design, simulation/modeling, fabrication, testing and packaging of PICs.  See below for PIC Training Opportunities.

PIC Training Opportunities

  • Photonic Integrated Circuits 1 (PIC1) -  An online edX course that gives a deep-dive into fabless photonics design using industry-leading Electronic Photonic Design Automation (EPDA) software to model, simulate, layout and error-check a photonic integrated circuit for high-tech applications. The course has trained hundreds and is offered several times a year. 
  • AIM Photonics Testing & Packaging Workshops  – Hands-on training of testing, analyzing and packaging PICs in Rochester, NY:
    • Passive PIC Testing: Coupling, Loss, Interference Resonance
    • Active PIC Testing: Electro-optic Modulator, Photodetection, Multiplexing
    • Packaging: Dicing, Die Bonding, Wire Bonding, Fiber Attachment and Metrology

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