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Stefanie Soroka
Senior Academic Advisor


The following supplies are needed for many courses:

  • A portable hard drive, and at least two “thumb” drives (flash media drives): these are discussed below.
  • Notebooks and 3-ring binders for notes and materials.

These items are available at the RIT Bookstore, the RIT Digital Den, and many other retailers
including the RIT Bookstore, the RIT Digital Den, and many other retailers including office
supply stores, discount stores, and on-line.
Please note: In addition to these supplies, there will be additional books and supplies required
each semester by individual instructors for specific classes. For budgeting purposes, $300.00 is
a typical cost for books and supplies for most semesters.


Students are encouraged to select recommended items that are most relevant to their
specific interests and that fit within their individual budget limitations. Prices and
specifications listed are current as of April, 2019. As these computer and software
products are frequently updated, it is likely that specifications and pricing could
change by the time the incoming class purchases materials, so students are advised to
consider these as guideline recommendations only.

Although Department of Graphic Media Science and Technology students have access to fully equipped computer
laboratories outfitted with high-end Apple computers, a Macintosh or Windows-based
personal computer outfitted with the appropriate software will allow students to
compete necessary course work away from the laboratories: in the dormitories, off-
campus or at home. The recommended specific system chosen will ultimately be
based on budget considerations and a desire for portability. To best meet the
demands of the required software it is recommend that students purchase a system
with as much RAM and storage (hard drive space) as the budget will allow. The
following information is provided to guide in making a selection here.

There are three ways to purchase Apple products from the RIT Digital Den:
1. In-person. 2. By phone at 585-475-2505, or 3. On-line at:
In addition, Apple products are available at Apple’s RIT store:
Apple Desktop recommendations:
iMac 21.5” – 27” All-in-one
Estimated price: $1,099.00 - $1,799.00+
Mac Pro
Estimated Price (computer only, monitor not included): $2,999.00+
Laptop Recommendation:
MacBook Pro 15” with Retina Display
Estimated Price: $1,999.00 - $2,399.00+
NOTE: APPLECARE is strongly suggested for Apple Products.
Price: $119 for iMacs, $199 for Mac Pro, $239 for MacBook Pro
The AppleCare Protection Plan extends the warranty telephone support to three
full years from the purchase date. The Plan includes telephone support, Apple-
certified repairs, web-based support resources and diagnostic tools.

Listed below are comparable PC computers. Although most of Department of Graphic Media Science and Technology environment is Macintosh-based, with the appropriate hardware and
software many students can complete a majority of their projects with a Windows-
based computer. Dell computers are available at RIT’s Digital Den, and Dell offers
educational pricing at:
Desktop Recommendation:
Dell Inspiron 24 7000 Touch Screen Desktop
Estimated Price: $1,350.00+
Notebook Recommendation:
Dell XPS15 Touch Laptop
Estimated Price: $2,550.00+

Available extended warranties are recommended

Students are advised to invest in a laptop lock (approximately $40.00), available at
the RIT Digital Den, most computer stores, and on-line. Students are advised to
never leave their laptops unsecured.


Remotely accessible server storage is available for temporarily moving files through the
RIT network. USB “thumb” drives can be used for smaller, portable needs. It is
recommended that students consider a 1-2 TB portable USB drive for larger projects
and data backup, and for more efficient portability between laboratories and other
environments. Students are encouraged to save their work in multiple locations: many
of the classes require cumulative projects throughout the term and hardware failures
can wipe out hours of work.
USB Flash Drives:
Prices on these small storage devices, often called “thumb drives,” range from $10 to
$160 depending on storage capacity. Students should consider purchasing two such

External/Portable Hard Drives:
1 – 2 TB Drives are available from companies such as LaCie and Western Digital, among
others. Prices start at around $75.00, and these are available at RIT’s Digital Den,
computer stores, office supply stores, and on-line. Drives with USB 3.0 connectivity are

Secure Digital (“SD”) cards:
Department of Graphic Media Science and Technology students can sign digital cameras for course assignments,
most of these require SD storage cards. These cards cost around $30.00; it is
recommend that students have their own SD card.


Many students use tablets such as the iPad and Galaxy Tab for a variety of applications
both in and out of the classroom. When specific class assignments call for a tablet, the
department offers them to check out for the purposes of the specific assignment. As with
other computer requirements, students should consider solutions with the highest
capacity their budgets allow.


As an accompaniment to any equipment purchase, students are strongly encouraged to
acquire insurance for their personal gear and any equipment that they check out from
the RIT equipment “Cage”. To learn more about student insurance programs, please
A $6,000.00 limit is advised for first year students.
If you would like additional suggestions for other IT-related equipment, please contact
Joel Yates at


For most courses in the Department of Graphic Media Science and Technology, Microsoft Office Suite (Office 365
University) and Adobe Creative Cloud are the software products that are extensively
used. These products are available at student-discounted pricing at RIT’s Digital Den,
and at the following websites:…

Microsoft products, including Project, Visio, Operating Systems, and more...

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching, formerly MSDNAA, can be found at for students interested in downloading any software provided to RIT by our partnership with Microsoft.

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