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Spencer Kim

Associate Professor
Department of Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology
College of Engineering Technology

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Spencer Kim

Associate Professor
Department of Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology
College of Engineering Technology


BS, Hanyang University (South Korea); MS, Ph.D., University of Illinois


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3 Credits
This course provides the MMSI graduate students an opportunity to complete their degree requirements by addressing a practical real-world challenge using the knowledge and skills acquired throughout their studies. This course is not only the culmination of a student's course work but also an indicator of the student's ability to use diverse knowledge to provide a tangible solution to a problem. The capstone project topic can be in the areas of product development, manufacturing automation, management system, quality management or electronics packaging. The course requires a comprehensive project report and a final presentation.
3 Credits
The MMSI thesis is based on thorough literature review and experimental substantiation of a problem, by the candidate, in an appropriate topic. A written proposal has to be defended and authorized by the faculty adviser/committee. The proposal defense is followed by experimental work, a formal written thesis, and oral presentation of findings. The candidate should have completed the requisite courses for the program before enrolling for the thesis.
1 Credits
This course will consist of laboratory experiences which focus on property characterization of the properties of polymeric materials.
0 Credits
Continuation of Capstone
1 - 3 Credits
This course allows an upper-class mechanical engineering technology student the opportunity to independently investigate, under faculty supervision, aspects of the mechanical engineering field. Proposals for an independent study must be approved by the sponsoring faculty and the MMET department chair. Students are limited to a maximum of three semester credit hours of independent study projects and two sections in any semester, and a maximum of six semester credit hours of independent study used to fulfill degree requirements.
2 Credits
This class explores the commonly used engineering metals. Differentiation of materials, with a focus on metals, is made based on an understanding and control of fundamental material properties. This knowledge of properties and materials then informs analysis of which metals are selected for various applications. Corrosion and its mitigation are explored. Materials selection software and internet resources are used.
3 Credits
The course introduces fundamentals in plastic materials and processing technology to manufacture various plastic products in plastics industry. The course emphasizes new materials and process selections for engineering applications and design.

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Published Conference Proceedings
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Journal Paper
Kim, Spencer, Myoung J. Lee, and Bok Hee Kim. "Fabrication and Electrical Properties of SOFC Single Cells Using Porous Ytttria Stabilzed Ceramic Support Layer Coated with Ni." Journal of European Ceramic Society 34. (2014): 1771-1776. Print.
Invited Keynote/Presentation
Kim, Spencer. "Optimization of 3-D Printing Parameters for Development of Biodegradable Hybrid Materials." SPE Environmental Division. Society of Plastics Engineers. New Orleans, LA. 20 Mar. 2013. Conference Presentation.
Kim, Spencer. "Transforming Curriculum for Workforce Development in Green Plastics Manufacturing Technology (GPMT)." 2013 CCLI/TUES PI Conference. National Science Foundation (NSF). Washington, DC. 21 Jan. 2013. Conference Presentation.
Formal Presentation
Kim, Spencer. “Effect of Inorganic Nano Fillers in Bio Degradable Thermoplastic Cornstarch (TPS) Composite/LDPE Hybrids.” 3rd International Congress on Ceramics, Ceramic Society of Japan. Osaka, Japan. 14-18 Nov. 2010. Web. "