Disruption, Risk, Resiliency, and Recovery

RIT’s interdisciplinary Collaboratory for Resiliency and Recovery (CRR) provides leadership in organizational and community resilience by applying technological and management systems and policy and engineering expertise to create resilience and continuity from risks and disruptions of all kinds.

Current Objectives

  • Leverage local knowledge so private, public, and governance entities can establish and maintain resiliency metrics and mitigate and absorb the effects of disaster events;
  • Plan and coordinate with appropriate federal, state, and local assets to provide continuous risk analysis and evaluation during a disaster event;
  • Address community resiliency from an all-hazards approach including fire, flood, snow and ice, pandemic, terrorism, and other emergency incidents;
  • Provide integrated information fusion and decision support within the National Response Framework on a local, state, and national level;
  • Support organizational resilience and improve the ability of private organizations to minimize adverse effects on the community through an integrated risk-based management systems approach;
  • Integrate and contribute toward emerging policy within community and organizational resiliency & continuity needs.

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Yewande Abraham
Assistant Professor
Lisa Greenwood
Assistant Professor
Jennifer Schneider
Eugene Fram Chair