Infrastructure, Transportation, and Sustainable Building Systems

College of Engineering faculty focus on practical research needs in bridge engineering related to resiliency and sustainability, and evaluation of aging transportation infrastructure.

These faculty collaborate on a range of topics including numerical modeling, testing, design and evaluation of transportation structures including both steel bridges and concrete bridges.This work contributes to bridge practices by providing theoretical support to develop design guidelines of new bridges as well as develop load rating guidelines to evaluate existing bridges.

With approximately 20 research papers related to structural design, testing, and evaluation published, this research area also covers novel construction material use in transportation structures, structural behaviors and safety of bridges subjected to extreme loading conditions, such as earthquake, tsunami and collision. Additionally, faculty are engaged in research on sustainable built environments, occupant comfort and behavior, indoor environmental quality, and building energy consumption. Exploration of sustainable affordable housing and green building certification is also a focus. This research is led by LEED accredited professionals in building operations and maintenance.


Yewande Abraham
Assistant Professor
Amanda Bao
Associate Professor