Photonics, Fiber Optics and Electronics

Faculty study light-based systems, light-based components, and the underlying physical behavior of light.

At a fundamental level, these faculty research basic physical processes of light, including cross-polarization rotation, adiabatic wavelength conversion, and four-wave mixing.

They investigate fiber-optic and photonic communication systems, including high-capacity digital communication systems and analog RF-over-fiber systems. Faculty also develop fiber-optic and photonic components, including photonic integrated circuits, optical memories and logic gates, and optical-domain signal processors.

6 research programs address the following:

  • Distributed feedback lasers
  • Microwave photonics & RF-over-fiber
  • Photonic integrated circuits
  • Optical polarization dynamics
  • Biomedical photonics
  • Fiber welds and optical bonds



female student using equipment in a lab.

Center for Photonic Communications

The Center for Photonic Communications is used to test and measure fiber optic signals and systems. The lab includes equipment from Edcom, Agilent, Keithley and LeCroy as well as other major fiber optics companies.