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Current Opportunities Available for Public Bidding


Informative message

We are excited to announce that starting November 10th RIT Procurement customer service will be transitioning to the RIT Service Center! The RSC is an efficient single point of contact for service requests and support.

Contact the RSC directly for:
  • Requests for new suppliers and help with Oracle Purchase Requisitions

How to access the RSC:
  • RSC self-service portal at
  • Online Live Chat through the portal
  • Calling 585-475-5000

You will continue to receive the same EXCEPTIONAL customer service with this RSC and Procurement Services partnership!.

Rochester Institute of Technology has produced a listing of opportunities available for the receipt of public bids. In order for a bid to be validated, all Vendors will be required to be qualified and added to the University’s Vendor Database.

If a Vendor has been pre-qualified, all bids should be accompanied by the following:


If a Vendor is new to Rochester Institute of Technology, the following will also be required:




Current Opportunities Available for Public Bidding